Stop thinking about work and start thinking about your weekend!


Some people argue that if you love work it's okay to think about it all the time, but based on a huge amount of research it’s clear that despite the quality of your working life, you need to switch off and live a life outside of work.

So how do you go about achieving a work life blend?

1.     Get conscious

You need to decide to kick work out of your mind.

When work is happening in your head long after you leave the office, it’s bad for your health, your relationships and your productivity. 

Half the battle is deciding that work is not going to take over your mornings, evenings and weekends any more.

Once you’ve made the decision, you then need to set boundaries.

If you’re someone who needs to debrief after work, set a timer and give yourself 5 – 15 minutes.  When the alarm goes off, it’s all over.  Not only will your mind and body thank you, your partner or friend will too!

If talking isn’t right for you, then write everything down on paper.  By getting it out, your brain won’t need to remind you throughout the night.

2.     Transition properly between work and home

What do you do before you leave work?

One of the best ways to leave work at work is to write a list of what you need to do when you come in the next. This simple action allows your mind to know everything is taken care of and it’s time to relax.

What do you do on your way home from work?

Professionals with intense client interactions have processes for transitioning for a reason: it protects their mental and physical wellbeing.

Some transitions that work well include:

·       Listening to a funny podcast

·       Changing clothes

·       Stretching, sprinting and yes, screaming in the car (not at anyone) if you feel a lot of tension

·       Meditation

3.     Create time off that you are excited about!

We get so tired that sometimes we forget life is about enjoying the simple pleasures.

So, what makes you feel excited, loved and free?

The more time you step away from autopilot to enjoy the simple pleasures, the more you cultivate energy.  It will take more effort than vegging on the couch, but the rewards will be huge.


Dr Lara Corr is an internationally trained life coach and researcher with a PhD in how work affects our mental wellbeing.  She is also the woman behind Set Me Free Coaching in which she helps professionals discover and live with conscious ambition.  To find out more about Lara and Set Me Free Coaching visit