What is "mindful marketing" and how does it apply to everyone?


The way in which we communicate with the world, be it as a business or individual is a direct reflection of who we are and what we value.

For so many of us ‘marketing’ or ‘personal branding’ are scary words; they conjure up negative images of creative trickery designed to deceive an audience. As a yoga teacher and marketing professional, I know that there is another way. Becoming clear on your values and ‘why’ and then learning to align and communicate them creates clearer direction in all areas of life, I call this Mindful Marketing. I invite you to discover Mindful Marketing as a practice to communicate who you are, what you’re doing and, most importantly, your WHY!

What is Mindful Marketing?

Mindful Marketing combines the philosophy of mindfulness with the best practices in modern marketing. We all aim to show up authentically as ourselves, and thus our approach to communications and marketing is no exception. Your personality and values will authentically come through in your marketing and personal branding strategies, if you connect to your truth and allow that to be expressed. Authenticity in all areas of life is the key.

Discover your ‘why’

The first step? Find your WHY! It sounds simple and yet in practice it can sometimes feel like a huge question to answer. Take a few moments to connect with your breath, sitting quietly in a comfortable seat. After a few rounds of breath, from your connected state ask yourself, “Why am I doing what I do? Or, why did I start my business?” Write down the answers as they come up, there’s no right or wrong! Once you’ve finished take some time to reflect over what you have uncovered. These answers will help you form the basis for your ‘why’. Afterwards, try writing them down in a sentence to form your vision statement. Now that you have the ‘why’ you’ll find it so much easier to communicate and made decisions from this place of clear intention.

People don’t buy or connect with what you do, they resonate with why you do it. Getting clear on your ‘why’ is the first step, once you’re clear the way in which you live your life, run your business and make decisions will significantly change for the better.

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About the author:

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Emma Maidment is a Communications and Marketing Consultant, Yoga Teacher and Writer. She works exclusively in the health and wellness space with heart-centered entrepreneurs and business owners to help them share their message with the world. Emma is passionate, authentic and knowledgeable. She runs Mindful Marketing Workshops, Mindful Morning events and has a holistic approach to business. She teaches yoga and weaves yogic philosophy and practices into all aspects of her work. She writes regularly on health and wellbeing for Body+Soul and runs a number of wellbeing events. Her background is in Communications and PR and she brings this extensive knowledge and experience along with her passion for wellness to her work. Find out more about Emma at emmamaidment.com or follow her adventures on instagram @emmamaidment_