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What’s important in order for you to accept where you are at with your state of growth in your personal or professional life.

No matter who we are or how evolved we may perceive ourselves to be, we will inevitably encounter life challenges on our path. We only have to cast our minds to some of those people who we look to as being the true leaders of humanity such as Gandhi or the Dalai Lama to see that no matter how evolved they became, challenge still manifested within their lives.

One of the true secrets to a successful and rewarding life is our capacity to be able to face the challenges we experience in our life and be willing to address them head on.

Acceptance requires that you embrace the level of change that you’re experiencing, whether it is welcome or unwelcome, too much growth for your liking or not enough, by harnessing the power of your mind and being at peace with the nature of the growth that you’re experiencing at any given point in time, it changes your relationship to that change which clears the path for that change to work its magic. When resistance is present in any form, it blocks the pathway to evolution.

Another important element is learning to let go of what others think. If you’re worried about making mistakes and looking like a fool, it will cause you to retract from growth. If you’re overly concerned about not being where you should be on your path of growth based on the opinions of others or a tendency to compare yourself, this also impinges on your ability to be in a state of grace.

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. A path of growth always requires us to step beyond our comfort zone in one way or another. Sometimes when we experience discomfort, we lose sight of the fact that just because it’s uncomfortable, it’s just because it’s new, not because it’s wrong. Like a pearl that becomes perfected by the discomfort of the rough sand that surrounds the muscle, it is the process of moving through the discomfort that nurtures us into the state we need to be in order to be at our best.

Remember that this too shall pass. As with anything in life, whether it’s good or it’s bad, whatever phase of growth you happen to find yourself, in, know that it will only ever be temporary and at some point, you will shift and change to whatever the next chapter of growth looks like in life. Embrace this, make peace with it, perhaps even celebrate it as whether it’s good or bad, it will only ever bear a fleeting influence on your ongoing path of growth.