5 ways to hit refresh on your work week

Let's go Monday.

Whether it’s Monday and you need some motivation or you’ve reached a block on a particular project, there are always times when we could use a little refresh in the workday. It doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming; in fact, there are many simple ways to refresh and change up your routine to make a lasting impression on your workweek productivity.

1. Update your phone and desktop background

For a quick refresh, changing the background of your phone or desktop can make your tech feel brand new. Photos and colors both have influence over your mood so pick backgrounds that are uplifting, calming, or motivational. A great place for free, high quality photos is Unsplash. They’ve got fantastic nature and city photos that are all free to use. If you’re looking for fun and bright designs, graphics, or motivational words, Design Love Fest has an abundance. Bonus if you update your social media photos as well!

2. Make a new productivity soundtrack  

The same way a new background can make looking at your screens a little more exciting, a few new songs can put your work in a new perspective. Try adding some singles through Spotify’s new releases or one of their playlists to suit your hustle mode. You can play around and find what kind of music keeps you focused and ready to cross items off that to-do list!

3. Do that one thing you have been putting off

Admit it: there’s something that you’ve been meaning to do but work kept coming and it kept getting put off. This week, pencil in a time to get that task done! Whether that’s finally setting up that appointment or going to that yoga class you’ve been eyeing, don’t let it get pushed to next week or next month. If it’s an errand-type task, getting it done will rid you of the stress and constant worry of forgetting, yet again. If it’s something you’ve always wanted to do, such as visiting a new spot in town or finding some new attire, it’ll be something small to look forward to during the week.

4. Set your alarm for an hour earlier

You may already get up incredibly early before work, but if you can, try to get up an hour earlier than usual. As an alternative to staying up late, an early morning can give you some extra free time before your day starts. You get to decide what you want to do with that time. This could be getting a head start on the tasks for the day so the actual workday can be less hectic. Or, you can take this time to workout, plan your day, make a stellar breakfast, and anything else to put your best foot forward.

5. Find a local event or a new group of people

The community around you is filled with potential inspirations and connections. You don’t have to go into a socialising frenzy, however. Find a talk or performance that you’re interested in and might provide a new perspective. If it’s in your neighbourhood, go check it out live! If not, there are many talks online you can watch or talk directly to others through Facebook groups that are aimed towards your niche, whether that is your career or other interests. Hearing from different people can be inspiring and change the way you view your work, all in a short time.

Finally, the classics for refreshing and motivating.

You’ve heard these tips everywhere but they really work! Cleaning your workspace can reduce the distractions and let you focus on the work in front of you. Changing up locations, such as cafes or libraries, may spark a wave of creativity or motivation while also mixing up your daily routine. Of course, the easiest way to refresh your view is to try to look at everything in a different lens. Try new things. Routines don’t have to be boring and with small but effective updates every now and then, you can stay interested and a little more excited when Monday morning rolls around.

Do you have any tried and true pointers you'd like to share with our community? Please share in the comments below. We LOVE reading each and every one of your comments, and you might inspire someone :)


Iris Zhou is the mind behind Comeback Magazine, a quarterly publication on finding your path, achieving your goals, and understanding your relationship with productivity. From her experience and the advice she's gleaned from Comeback contributors, Iris has put together the best ideas to get you where you want to go. When she's not running the magazine, she's living life as a seventeen-year-old from Seattle and who loves milk tea.