What is a gamma wave and why does your business need one?

How do you define “reality”.

Is it the combination of your outside environmental influences that you see before your very eyes?

Or is it the thoughts, your beliefs and your mindset within?

It’s easy to forget that we control our reality. So what if we told you that you can create and alter your reality whenever you want to, with a specific intention, on a whim?

To do so, you simply need a quick overview of how your brain waves work. Let’s begin.


Beta: the conscious reasoning wave
Associated with logical thoughts, critical reasoning and a heightened state of awareness and mental function, beta brainwaves become your brilliant and productive partner throughout your working day.

When it comes to brain waves that contribute to health problems however, beta is the culprit. Beta waves, the source of the inner critic that continually pushes us to go faster, do more, achieve more, can translate readily into anxiety, restlessness and stress.

Alpha: the relaxation wave
The state of deep relaxation found when your eyes are closed and you feel safe is the creation of an alpha wave.

Associated with a heightened state of imagination and visualization, alpha waves are stimulated by meditation, daydreaming, or gentle creative activity. They are the gateway to your subconscious mind, and creating a state where alpha waves fire creates and environment for greater learning, concentration and memory.

Theta: the subconscious creativity wave
Theta waves occur during meditation and while you are sleeping (most notably, in the REM dream state). They are the source of vivid dreams, profound inspiration, and exceptional creativity.

Theta waves are experienced fleetingly, as you drift between waking and deep sleep states, however these precious moments are where you can consciously create your reality. In theta state you are conscious of your surroundings, yet your body is deeply relaxed, and in this way you are often able to capture and remember your theta state thoughts when you wake.

Delta: the deeply sleeping wave
Delta waves are experienced in the deep, dreamless sleep state, deep in your unconscious mind. It’s a moment of transcendental meditation, where information is received but remains unavailable to us at a conscious level.

Delta waves are important for healing and regeneration, and so not allowing yourself to enter a state of deep sleep can prove detrimental to your health.

Gamma: the conscious insight wave
Associated with heightened intelligence, concentration, memory, focus, compassion and happiness, and processing speed within the brain, gamma waves markedly improve our ability to perceive reality.

Working like glue within your mind, binding together all your thoughts and senses into a unified whole, gamma waves are a brilliant for improving athletic performance, for boosting mood, and importantly, for focusing your mind to think with greater clarity and productivity at work.

Usually, gamma waves are most active upon waking (and consistently mostly present in those with genius IQ’s) however for the everyday man, we can train ourselves to access gamma waves more regularly.


There are two primary ways to increase the presence of gamma waves within your brain. The first is to listen to binaural beats (an auditory illusion for those in the hard core pursuit of the gamma wave, you can find many examples of youtube if you'd like to delve deeper**) Our preferred method however, is meditation.

Specifically, the Loving Kindness Meditation, which has been shown to not only increase gamma wave activity, but create a deep feeling of peace, love and universal connection (a 13:40 minute listen). 


During your working day, you have access to a suite of mindful and creative activities that will create the mental space for lightbulb moments to occur.

Mindful colouring is able to shift the frequency of your brain waves from beta to alpha in a matter of 3 minutes. 

A 15 minute lunchtime walk in nature is effective, as is a 5 minute “desk yoga” sesh. (Get creative with your own feel good stretches, or let our simple functional movement sequence guide you). Intentional breathing (in through the nose, out through the mouth) is very powerful in shifting your perception of reality too.

Such simple and time effective activities can be completed alone in a quiet space prior to a meeting that will demand creative and innovative thought. Or performed together with your team as a way to build compassion, cohesiveness and creativity within the group.

Pull yourself out of frenetic beta, add a dose of chilled out alpha, and allow yourself to access the creative theta. You may just stumble on the inspired gamma, and even if only for a moment, it will be worth it. For this is where the magic happens.

Further resources to support you.
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** And if you do delve deep into exploring binaural beats on the quest to increase your gamma wave activity, please do let us know how you go in the comments below. We certainly had to exercise some patience and compassion with ourselves when we tried it out. But we're certainly keen to explore further.