3 podcasts that will help you discover your inner magic!

A compilation of podcasts that will inspire you to bring to the surface your unique talents, qaulities and gifts, that only you have!

Playlist 1: How to be a leader from the inside out

Roadblocks, influences, lessons learned and rules to live by are the meat of the Inside Quest podcast. Check out this episode (link http://www.insidequest.com/episode/simon-sinek/) where Simon Sinek (of Start With Why TED Talk fame) shares how to inspire people to follow you as a leader.

Playlist 2: How to be a mindful leader

Melbourne Business School has just launched a podcast series and deep dive into topics of business and leadership with their world class faculty.

Check out this episode which is a conversation exploring mindfulness, authentic leadership and the power of personality.

Playlist 3: How to discover your magic

Magic Lessons hosted by the author of Big Magic and Eat Pray Love is a personal favourite - in it, Elizabeth talks to thought leaders and also coaches and inspires individuals who are held back in their creativity by fear.

Check out this episode where two masterful leaders of creativity - Brene Brown (author of Rising Strong) and Liz Gilbert have a powerful conversation about how essential creativity is for healthy, wholehearted living. (Bliss!)

With special thanks and gratitude to the podcast queen herself, Katie Wyatt for this handpicked podcast selection. Find our previous edition of podcast suggestions - perfect for leaders and those looking to live more authentically here.