Five Podcasts to Put on Your Listen-List Right Now


Our founder Amanda shares what she’s listening to right now to keep her inspired

 Upskilling. Is this your major goal for 2018? Or perhaps, you’d like to bring more growth and learning, and less mindless scrolling into your daily life.

Podcasts are one of our favourite ways to absorb information and inspiration, on-the-go. Last  year, Podcast consumption grew over 23 percent, with the average Australian user listening to on average 5.5 hours per week—so if you find you can’t put your headphones down,  you’re definitely not alone.

Numerous studies have shown Podcasts to be incremental in encouraging creativity, imagination, and even improving your listening skills. We asked our founder Amanda McMillan what she’s listening to on her daily commute, to keep you in-the-know and inspired:

Tim Ferris Show

‘Given that this one was the first podcast ever to surpass 100,000,000 downloads, I’m not alone in loving the Tim Ferris Show! Most widely known for authoring the hugely aspirational ‘four hour work week’ Tim approaches the idea of work and business with a mix of intrigue and practicality, which I adore.

Interviewing everyone from celebrities and authors, to chess players and investment bankers, I always find this one useful to pick up tricks, tactics and tools that I can actually apply to my work day.’

Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations

‘You’d be hard-pressed to not be inspired by this woman. This podcast curates the most inspired and beautiful conversations. They are always thought-provoking, but in a relaxed conversation style, making them incredibly easy to listen to and digest. These are the ones that I find myself still talking about at dinner. And they are only 30 minute in duration, so I find them easy to slot them into my schedule as a nice relief between tasks or meetings.’

Unleashing Brilliance – Janine Garner

‘This one is a great one for leadership and business. I always find myself scribbling notes down to remember—countless great quotes, tips, and tools to implement and propel you forward! This is one that I always recommend for anyone that I’m working with on a mentoring level, as it’s a fantastic one for easy upskilling.’

The Thrive Global Podcast  

‘This is another 30 minute listen, so incredibly easy to listen to, and offers very practical tips and sound business advice. Hosted by the ever-inspiring Arianna Huffington, it pulls in leaders, celebrities, athletes and influencers to learn how prioritizing well-being. A really good one to pop on if you’re feeling the pinch of burn-out as it is a constant reminder that success and happiness are a packaged deal.’

The Wellness Guys

‘This one offers a variety of amazing speakers and some great debate about wellbeing topics. What I love about this one is that it always has a scientific element to most episodes, so is based very much on fact—but encourages proactive and informative conversations on topical issues that matter to our health and wellbeing. I always love a conversation that can change my mind, and this one does exactly that, quite often.’

What’s on your listen list? Let us know below or tag us in on instagram @wellineux.