Holiday Listening: Podcasts to Help Inspire Your New Year


Whether you’re looking for inspiring storytelling during your summer holiday, or to upskill for the new year – we’ve rounded up our favourite podcasts that will put a spark in your eye, and a bounce in your step.

From motivational talks with industry leaders behind some of the world’s best brands, to entrepreneurs that have built careers from the ground up – you’ll soon be jumping out of your holiday, and straight into 2019.

Here’s our top podcasts, matched with our favourite episodes from the series, below:

Live Episode! Glossier: Emily Weiss

Guy Raz dives through the stories of some of the best known companies – and the very people behind their success stories. Weaving a narrative through innovators, entrepreneurs, creators, and idealists – and the movements they have built.

In this particular episode, Guy Raz profiles the former Vogue fashion assistant, Emily Weiss – about the rise of her cult beauty brand, Glossier. Without ANY prior business experience, Weiss soon won over investors, found the perfect chemist to create the acclaimed products, and took the beauty industry by storm. Four years later, Glossier is now estimated at $400 million USD.

Best time to listen: when you hit the beach for an early morning session, coffee (or smoothie) in hand


SECOND LIFE by MyDomaine
#27: Ellen Bennett, Hedley & Bennett Founder and CEO from Second Life in Podcasts

On the top of our listen list all year, this inspirational podcast series chronicles that spotlights successful women who've made major career changes—and fearlessly mastered the pivot.

On this episode, Hilary Kerr goes deep into the art of the hustle – and, if anyone is a good case study for the art of hustling, it’s this episodes subject – Ellen Bennett. You’ll soon be familiar with Ellen’s success as the entrepreneurial powerhouse behind Hedley & Bennett, a Los Angeles–based chef wear and handcrafted apron company. Starting her own business at age 24, we’re taken through the all the detail, right up to the point where she starts outfitting top chefs – including the likes of Martha Stewart, Jamie Oliver, Jon Shook, and Vinny Dotolo.

Best time to listen: before you sit down to set your new year intentions – everything you need to inspire the hustle and make it happen!

#1080 David Goggins

Yes, you’re thinking right – it’s totally that guy from Fear Factor (remember when?!). In this super inspirational series, Joe Rogan speaks to comedians, actors, musicians, authors, artists, and beyond. Conversing on ideals that we can translate to whatever career, or situation we’re in – especially helpful insight leading into what is going to be a successful 2019.

In this episode, Joe Rogan chats to retired US navy seal and former Tactical Air Controller, David Goggins – also an ultramarathon runner, ultra-distance cyclist, triathlete and world record holder for the most pull-ups done in 24 hours. You may be thinking… how does this relate to me? With a strong focus on health – this episode has us thinking more and more about the power of the mind, and how we can accomplish anything.

Best time to listen: when you’re outside enjoying some me-time, or when you hit the gym. Perfect for inspiring a new health and wellness routine.


Being Weird is Your Superpower – Laurie Segall

Ready to discover female legends, badasses, and rule-breakers who will make you laugh, weep, and feel alive again? Heroine is YOUR podcast. Detailing a range of empowering female leaders – every episode if bound to push your career, and leadership to the max in 2019 and beyond.

In this particular podcast, Heroine chats to Laurie Segall, a Senior Tech Correspondent for CNN and Editor at large for CNN Tech. The episode first focuses on Laurie’s childhood as that ‘weird little girl, moving right through to the moment where she first said ‘ “I want to work at CNN!” – how she’s embraced her quirks, and the journey since.

Best time to listen: when you need that little push – and a reminder that the future is yours for the taking!


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