Top Tips for Success in the Home Office


When it comes to working-from-home, routine is everything. Below we talk how-to set yourself up for success when out-of-office.

Drawing a fine line between work and home can be seen as a challenge for some, but it doesn’t need to be. Inviting some simple practices into your life can change your day-to-day, and make working-from-home a seamless transition. Routine is everything. Here are our top tips for success in the home office.

Get into routine.

Your morning routine is just as important as anyone else with a regular 9-5–the commute is just spent differently. Maybe you’re missing that time spent on the train, listening to your favourite podcast, or hitting your favourite coffee shop. You shouldn’t have to compromise this. Pack up your laptop, notepad, and tools, and head on out to your local cafe, or whole foods store. Choose one conveniently located  and make this journey part of your daily routine. This will set you up for success for the rest of the day, and allow a break from the confines of your space at home. Time spent interacting with real people is also a key here, you’ll quickly get to know the friendly face behind the counter, and the community around you.

Don’t be so hard on yourself.

Let’s be honest, distractions are aplenty at home. In theory we could hit play on that riveting episode we didn’t finish last night, or lounge around in our garden with that book we can’t put down––sure, the options are endless! But don’t be so hard on yourself. Learn to find the right distractions, and most importantly, realise that distractions are aplenty in a traditional office environment (think of  that co-worker who sits  on the corner of your desk unannounced?)The amount of time you find yourself cleaning up crumbs on your kitchen bench, giving the garden a quick water, or brewing the perfect cup (or cups) of tea, are actually relative to the time you could lose through distractions in that traditional office environment. Learn to let the right distractions in, the ones that will benefit your process.

Set the mood.

Do things you wouldn’t normally be able to do at work. Light that  amazing incense you bought last weekend. Create an amazing oil blend for your diffuser. Light some candles. Make your space your sanctuary. You spend a majority of your time here, and spicing things up will definitely make a difference. Visit your local crystal store, and pick up some productivity inducing gems–– we suggest Honey Calcite for creativity, and confidence. Or Carnelian (the anti-can’t stone) for motivation, and action. Oh, and house plants… these need no introduction, and are pretty to look at, so get planting! Your desk will be the envy of your friends in no time at all. Be desk proud!

Look away from the screen.

Wherever we’re working, we should always be mindful about how we much time we are spending on our screens. Simply setting alarms or reminders to stop, and move every so often can benefit our concentration levels, as well as our posture. Having trouble doing this? Using the well-known ‘Pomodoro Technique’ could be for you? This is a time management technique, breaking our workload into intervals – forcing us to stop, and replenish. There are plenty of free and paid apps out here that do the work for you, check out ‘Be Focused’, or ‘RestTimer’ ( Another great option is a Google’s ‘Mindful Break’ add-on for Chrome, which sends you a notification with a breathing exercise, encouraging you to stop, focus, and breath, along with a beautiful inspiring quote. Do some yoga, some jumping jacks, or walk around the house. Find your way of doing it, just remember to stop, drop, and breath.

Stop, and ‘go home’.

This is your home. It’s also your office. When you’re due to finish, set an alarm – and start to transition into home time. Think of this alarm as a school bell… remember the excitement and joy that’d bring? It’s time to put down your tools, and stop. Remember that your evenings are for rest, restoration and replenishing - so try not to take from tomorrow, today.

Whether you work from home, your local cafe, or a traditional office... There’s something that makes you tick. Have a think. What inspires your routine for success?