How-to Simplify Your Everyday Happiness

Ten easy ways to make the most of your everyday

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Thinking about your happiness is often a big concept, or overarching goal; something we work towards, persevere, or plan for - but research shows that it’s the things that we do on the daily that contribute most significantly to our overall happiness.

Think about it this way - once a year (or maybe more, if we’re lucky), we may find ourselves on a tropical beach with a cold drink in our hand and a good book, and feel truly happy, but happiness shouldn’t be contained to an annual event or circumstance. Real happiness is about finding contentment and satisfaction on a cold, rainy Monday night. It’s about making the most of what we have in abundance; the everyday.

Perhaps Benjamin Franklin said it best: “Happiness consists more in small conveniences or pleasures that occur everyday than in great pieces of good fortune that happen but seldom.’

So how do we find happiness in our everyday ritual? Here are our top ten easy ways to make the most of our everyday.

1.              Don’t live for the weekend

If we reserve joy, spontaneity and shared experience for just the weekend, we are accepting that 72% of the year will be mediocre. Find ways to elevate your weeknights beyond just routine; whether through hobbies, ritual or shared experience. Think about how you spend your evenings and how you could possibly break the routine here? Maybe it’s trying a new recipe once a week? Having a weekly  Netflix night with friends? Or maybe making the decision to finally try out that new yoga studio that just opened around the corner. Whatever it is, find ways to look forward-to and embrace each day, often.


2.              Have daily rituals

The way we live our daily life defines the course of our lives, so ensure that you practice everyday gestures of self-love and appreciation. It’s all the tiny little habits the accumulate to overall feelings of joy in our lives, so reflect on what these are for you. Treat yourself to a nice notebook and take delight in writing out your to-do list within it each day, buy a desk teapot that allows you to relish in the process of brewing a beautiful cup of tea, or sit down at your local café and have sitdown lunch, as opposed to takeaway on the go.


3.              Get up earlier

This one is a hard one, but there is something magical about the world before it starts. Allowing yourself some time in the morning to enjoy it makes a world of difference to your daily headspace. Research supports this––people who wake up early in the morning are generally happier, and have higher satisfaction overall with their lives than those who hit the snooze button. Getting up even half an hour before we need to allows us to enter the day slowly and mindfully - try it tomorrow and see how you feel as a result.


4.              Practice daily gratitude

Think of a car model and colour in your head right now. Have you got it? Now notice how many you see of this colour that you see on the roads throughout the next week. No, there is not suddenly more white VW’s Gulf’s - you have just opened your mind to them. Gratitude works in the same way - the more we notice the good, the more good comes our way. It takes 5 minutes of your day, to welcome a lot more joy into your day, so find a way to mindfully jot down those things have brought you happiness on the daily. Need some inspiration to get you started? Why not try Wellineux’s Gratitude postcards.


5.              Meditate

Research shows that a consistent meditation practice is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your mental health. And what’s more, a meditation practice can begin with just 10 minutes a day. Need something to get your started? Why not try our free Wellineux sessions available here.


6.              Always have a good book on the go

Reading is one of life’s most simple pleasures and it’s hard to not to feel fulfilled when curled up on the couch with a good book. Find your genre and then use sites like goodreads to find more of the same. Not a reader? Try audiobooks. The goal is find everyday activities that don’t rely on anyone or anything to arm your ‘everyday abundance’ kit with.


7.              Actually connect

Next time you reach for your phone to have a scroll through Instagram, or send a text – try actually calling a friend. Or better still, why not ask them over for a simple dinner tonight, to meet you for lunch in the park, or perhaps you can link up your commute tomorrow? Find ways to connect in-real-life with those elevate you.


8.              Opt outside

Take pleasure in nature, and try not to make this a seasonal activity. Take note of the seasons and find happiness in them. Never tried going for a stroll in the rain? Next time it’s dreary outside, grab a brolly and head out – notice how vibrant nature’s colours are after a cleansing… notice the way the droplets of water collect like little glass beads. Beauty can be found everyday, you just need to be content with finding it in any circumstance.


9.              Nourish yourself

What we put in our mouths, and how, plays a big part in our overall happiness. Yes, cake may make you really happy – but did you appreciate that feeling while eating it? Were you involved in the process of making it? Are you sharing it with someone else? All of these things contribute to how we can find happiness through food everyday. It’s about balance and loving your body enough to nourishing fuel it. Make nourishing your daily life an experience and a gesture of self-love.


10.           Embrace candles

This last one is a simple one, but a goodie. Just ask the residents of Denmark, who are regularly cited as the happiest country in the world, and burn more candles per head than anywhere in Europe, according to the European Candle Association. There is something special about lighting a candle, it feels like a ritual of self-worth and casts a soft warmth throughout your space. Get in the habit of not saving candles for special occasions or as mere tabletop decorations, this little flame is a symbol of your embracing the everyday.


What are your tips for embracing the everyday?