Mindful Mother’s Day Gifting

There’s nobody quite like our Mum, and Mother’s Day is just one of the ways we can show her our endless appreciation Here’s our top gifts to treat Mum this Mother’s Day.

Photo by  Dakota Corbin  on  Unsplash

Photo by Dakota Corbin on Unsplash

We love showing our appreciation to our  Mums on the daily, but when that special time of year that comes around, where we can throw a little extra appreciation her way.

Here’s our top mindful gifts, picked by our team, for Mum this Mother’s Day:

Weleda Skinfood.jpg

1. Skin Food by Weleda

With hints of citrus, and notes of ‘Mmmm’. This best-selling hand cream is our top pick for the hard-working Mum. Also great to use as an every-day balm for your face, feet, arms, and all sorts. 

Journey of Me.jpg

2. Journey of Me by Wellineux

Ready to give Mum a boost on her wellness journey? Wellineux's best selling 8 month wellness guide, the Journey Of Me (JOM) is your go-to daily resource for the ultimate in holistic wellbeing. Designed to help Mum align her every day actions with core values, your larger life intentions and strategic goals.

Rock _ Co.jpg

3. Crystal Sets by Rock & Co

Heal and inspire Mum with a set of Crystals from Rock&Co. Their Love Set includes the ultimate love stone, Rose Quartz, Love Like Mist, and a Rock and Co. love keyring. There’s no such thing as too much love!

Lara Zilibowitz Ceramics.jpg

4. Ceramics by Lara

We’re so fascinated by the mandala, which represents wholeness – a cosmic diagram organised around a unifying centre. This speaks so much volumes to who Mothers truly are to us. One of Lara Zilibowitz’ one-of-a-kind ceramics is a beautiful gift to say just that

Eat Happy Book.jpg

5. Eat Happy: 30-Minute Feel Good Food by Melissa Hemsley

This beautiful cookbook compliments our busy universe, without compromising nutrition. Pick a recipe before you head over to Mum’s place, pick up the ingredients, and get stuck in together!

Urban Retreat.jpg

6. Urban Retreat Voucher by Wellineux

How about head to Wellineux’s Urban Retreat, and switch off together. A day full day of  yoga, mindfulness & nourishment. A great bonding moment, where you can refill your bucket with energy and inspiration, together.

In Bed Store Linen.jpg

7. Linen Robe by In Bed Store

Drop the hint, and let Mum know she’s allowed to stay in bed, and lounge around all day in a beautiful new Linen Robe from our favourites, In Bed Store. In Bed Store also have a beautiful range of linens, sleepwear, and luxurious sheet sets. 

W Mothers Day Flowers.jpg

8. Your time and presence

Mother’s Day is not only a chance to spend this time with your nearest and dearest, but an extra special chance to acknowledge her time, and presence. Grab some groceries, a bottle of her favourite red, and head on around for the night.