The truth behind identity

What is your identity?

W Identity.jpg

Is it your thoughts? Is it your personality? Is it your beliefs? Is it your environment? Is it your body? Is it your history? Is it your career? 

I’ve believed it has been each and every one of these at different points of my life. 

I’ve believed the labels I have placed upon myself and the boxes I have sat myself in. 

In those moments I have seen myself as a relatively fixed and unchanging being. I’ve innocently limited myself and by doing so limited my contribution in the world. 

Yet over time my way of looking at things has changed considerably. 

I am beginning to identify less with any of these labels now I can see that they are all fluid. 

They are all changing moment by moment. 

They are all created by thought. 

By my thought. 

I am no more than a creation in my mind in the moment, and often in the next moment I will be something different. Constantly morphing and changing based on the power of thought. 

I know this is incredibly hard to get our heads around because we are taught from a young age, in very subtle ways, that we are fixed beings. Good at things or bad at things.  This way or that way. But all of these things have the potential to change dependent on how what occurs to me in that moment.

Some days I am a great mum other days I am barely average. 

Some days I am a talented writer, others days I can’t even call myself a writer. 

Some days I think I look good and other days I can’t believe how bad I look.

Some days I’m inspired to change the world, other days I’m resigned to accepting things the way they are.  

Who am I that changes day in day out, moment by moment?

What I know now is the less I identify with the ever changing and circulating thinking that passes by, the more freely life is lived. The more freedom I feel. The more authentic I am able to be. The more I can contribute. 

In an instant the more I remember this the less I identify with my ego or need things to look a particular way. 

The less attached I become to being a particular way and the less limited I feel by the self-imposed labels I have slapped on myself.  

Freedom and potential are mine. 

And it turns out the more I apply this to the way I look at others the less constrained others are by my thinking, by my labels, by my beliefs. 

Maybe each and every one of us can’t be defined or given an identity and maybe this is what opens us up to so much more possibility that we can ever imagine. 

You are so much more than you can ever think you are.