5 Benefits of Health and Wellness Programs at Work

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More working Australians are leading unhealthy and inactive lifestyles. This is contributing to increased mental and physical health problems in employees. Absenteeism in the workplace has shot up and the cost burden on organisations and on healthcare has increased.

Caring for the health and wellbeing of your employees has some obvious benefits. Let’s take a look at 5 benefits of workplace health and wellness programs which you can’t ignore.

Better Employee Health

Health and wellness activities - such as yoga and meditation, physical activity initiatives and offering advice througha wellness coach - gives employees the opportunity to improve their physical and mental health

Wellness programs encourage a much-needed change from risky behaviours like smoking to ones that are healthy like eating healthy and exercising. 

Less Stress

Wellness activities help employees take a break from their busy schedule. It helps them find a balance between work and personal commitments. It also gives them the tools needed to incorporate a healthy lifestyle. This results in a less stressed workforcewhich reduces employee turnover.

More Productivity

When employees are present at work but not working it results in is less productivity. This is also known as presenteeism and one of its main causes is poor health. 

Unhealthy lifestyle and other health conditions can greatly lower productivity in a workplace. 

But organisations that invest in their employees’ health and wellness enjoy more productivity as worker feel energetic and motivated to contribute to their work. 

Workplace wellness also helps reduce absenteeism. As workers feel more engaged in the workplace and supported by their employer they are more likely to show up to work.

Happier Employees

A strong workplace wellness program can drive employee engagement which affects performance in a positive way.

Workers who take part in wellness initiatives are more content with work-relatedfactors and more satisfied with their jobs. This results in a workforce that is not only mentally and physically healthy but also one that is happy.

Improved work relationships

Participating in health and wellness programs brings employees together and fosters positive working relationships. 

This improves the work culture and increases innovation and creativity amongst them. 

Employees also develop a sense of accomplishment especially when wellness programs feature competitions designed to foster healthy competitiveness amongst them. When employees co-exist amicably with each other, the business thrives in so many ways. 

Implementing a wellness program at work should not be a one-time offering. 

It is an ongoing endeavour in which business will see positive returns on their investment over time. 

All this while establishing the health and wellbeing of their employees.