Beat the Cold by Revitalising Your Senses for Peak Performance

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As the cooler weather starts to set in, so too does our tendency to hibernate, both physically and mentally. So, until you’re reacquainted with the warmer weather, these simple tips will help you revitalise your senses, keeping you on your A game to achieve peak performance.



Supporting our immune system and mental health, vitamin D plays a key role in our energy levels.  With sunlight being one of the best sources of vitamin D, compensate a decrease in sunlight with an increase in Vitamin D rich foods, such as:

  • Eggs
  • Mushrooms
  • Oily fish - salmon, sardines, mackerel and tuna – not only are they high in vitamin D, they are also high in omega 3 & 6 fatty acids which help increase our energy levels throughout the day.  

To give your immune system an extra boost, it’s hard to beat the zesty goodness of Vitamin C. Consider starting your day with warm water and a slice of lemon, in addition to incorporating it into your main meal dressings and marinades.



There’s no denying the timeless beauty of a monochrome colour palette, however to help boost energy levels consider incorporating these summery colours into your everyday work life:

  • Red - encourages energy, motivation and attention to detail.  Consider placing a vase of red roses in your office space, utilise a red note book, paint your nails or wear a red accessory or clothing item.
  • Orange - cultivates creativity, happiness and motivation.  Utilise orange highlighters, select an orange desk quote or piece of art to place in your workplace.
  • Yellow - cultivates vitality, optimism, inspiration and deep thinking.  Stock up on post-it notes and keep your Wellineux Journey of Mewellness journal on your desk.Green - inspires concentration, balance and harmony.  Breathe life into your workspace with an indoor plant (or two) and incorporate greens into each of your lunchtime meals.



Red blood cells carry oxygen to our body’s vital organs, boosting energy and vitality.  So, if you’re feeling cold, try incorporating some of these techniques into your day to help kick-start and maintain healthy circulation:

  • Self-massage
  • Dry Brushing
  • Hot/cold Shower
  • Body clapping



Meditation has a long list of health benefits, of which include the enhancement of creativity and happiness.  So, if you haven’t already got a daily or weekly meditation practise, commit to trailing one and block that time out in your calendar.  For complementary guided meditations, join Wellineux’s Meditation Channelor check out the 1 Giant Mindapp.



Whether incorporated through your fragrance, food, teas, candle or aromatherapy oils, these three smells will perk you up in no time:

  • Orange – mood boosting 
  • Lemon – increases happiness and energy
  • Peppermint – supports performance and focus

So at a time of year where you may be feeling a little down, drained or simply unmotivated, let these simple wellness tips guide your senses to a happier, healthier and more motivated you.