Five Reasons Why Regular Movement Supports Peak Performance & How to Get It Without Breaking a Sweat


I like to move it, move it…. I like to move it, move it…. I like to move it, move it…. I like to… MOVE IT!  So now that we have that 90’s classic in our minds, before we start to move it, move it, these five reasons will help you, and your colleagues, better understand why regular movement is essential to our workday:

  1. Improves mental health – reduces stress, depression and anxiety; while increasing our overall wellbeing
  2. Enhances productivity – through an improvement in motor functions, attention and cognitive speed
  3. Increases energy – delivering oxygen and nutrients to our tissues, while also supporting our cardiovascular system
  4. Improves cognitive function – with an increase in blood flow to our brain 
  5. Develops connection – as we’re more likely to personally interact with more people 

These five reasons should be more than enough to wipe away any doubt you, or others, may feel about notbeing tied to the desk all day.  But before you go joining the closest gym, remember your goal is not a once off session, it’s about avoiding long periods of sitting.

So, to help get you started, here’s our top five ways to move while at work: 

  1. Stand up desk – provides the flexibility to stand or sit while working at the computer
  2. Morning and afternoon tea breaks – blocking this time out in the calendar to go grab a tea will not only make you move, it will also increase your interpersonal connection
  3. Walking meetings – if these aren’t already happening in your workplace, then it’s time to jump onto this trend.  We love these so much we wrote a whole article about them.
  4. Mindfulness training – by changing your posture, breathing and rhythm you can improve your mental health.  So, schedule time in your calendar to partake in a guided meditation (or two), such as one from our Wellineux Meditation Channelor the 1 Giant Mindapp
  5. Lunchtime activity – whether you’d like to hit the gym, go outside for a walk, play table tennis (if you’re lucky enough to have one in your workplace), the key is to incorporate movement into your lunch break…. and not get caught eating at your desk.

Once you’ve written a list of the ways in which you’d like to incorporate movement into your day, it’s time to make them happen.  Update your calendar and make any requests you need to get the support you, and those around you, may require to make these changes.  And remember, you don’t have to go in all guns blazing.  Small increases of regular movement over time will make the world of difference… each one supporting your peak performance and success.