How to find your very own precious treasure

Our creative Director's own personal treasure; a view of Mt Taranaki, New Zealand.

Our creative Director's own personal treasure; a view of Mt Taranaki, New Zealand.

When we’re born, our quest to get deeply acquainted with our true self begins in earnest. For some of us this quest is life long. For others it moves in stops and starts. And for many it stops somewhere along the way, never to start again.

At each step of our journey in life, we’re offered the chance to pick up glimmering clues that shed a precious piece of illuminating light on who we are and who we aren’t.

This quest has the potential to be sacred, unique and so incredibly fulfilling if we choose to engage in it.

Imagine a joy filled young girl, so beautifully curious and alive carrying a wicker basket through the woodland searching high and low for her sprinkles of ‘me-ness’.

Not scared about what she might find, but deeply enthralled by the hunt. Mesmerised by the magic and possibility of finding the treasure that she will come to know as herself, whatever it might look like.

Along the way she finds pieces that perplex her, forcing her to stop. To sit down on the grass in deep thought and consider the truth of her find.

She takes her time, until she can fully accept that piece as herself. Then, she rises up and continues the search.

Along the way, she also finds pieces that she gathers rapidly, somehow feeling like she knows them already. Without stopping, she continues on her way with a sense of confirmation and reassurance.

And so the hunt continues.

Maybe you remember this young girl? Or maybe she seems a very distant memory?

This girl was me until I reached my mid teens and was petrified by what I was finding, was flooded with a sense of inadequacy with the pieces in my basket and ploughed headlong down the path to become someone more “appealing”. An unrewarding and lonely path where I couldn’t even turn to myself for companionship.

How long ago was it that this girl, inside of you, came to the surface and actively and openly searched for the precious pieces of you that lie out there undiscovered?

How long ago was it that you compassionately allowed yourself to sit, stare at and befriend a piece of your treasure that you instantly formed an aversion to, rather than running away or burying it deep?

How long ago was it that you felt a need to embrace who you are and not try to be someone else?

At times, life presents us with opportunities to get to know ourself that little bit better. Some come in the shape of successes and joy filled experiences, others in the everyday humdrum of life, whilst others in the form of challenges and hardships. Some we grab with two hands and others we choose to run away from and hide.

Yet when, like the little girl, we intentionally choose to live our life like a hunt and accept all the pieces make up a beautiful whole, the treasure comes.

Each precious piece builds up a bigger and fuller picture and guides us gently to deeper companionship with ourself, and more intentional and joyful living. Each precious piece allows us to bring more of ourselves into the world, feel more on purpose and make more choices that help us to feel deeply at home in our lives.

We hear the terms ‘be yourself’ and ‘speak your truth’ rolling around the waves of the internet and television all the time. I hold these guiding principles dearly and often use the terms myself. I believe in them, and they have been part of my journey home.

Yet, without signing up for the treasure hunt and searching for the pieces, can we really be ourselves?

In many ways life can be one long treasure hunt. Maybe the chance to hunt never ends, but each piece we find along the way reveals that little bit more to guide us on our unique journey.

Making the conscious choice a number of years ago to live my life as a hunt and accept all the pieces I find has revealed so many treasures to me, not least knowing myself and being my own friend.

I invite you to join me on the hunt and find your own precious treasure.

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Michelle McCartan

Is a coach, a writer and leadership consultant. Her deeply compassionate approach to helping others unearth their true self and find their true work has touched the lives of hundreds of clients from all over the world, from CEOs and MDs to new and aspiring thought leaders, entrepreneurs, creatives, and new mums. She’s the author of two personal development books, The Journey of Me and Inspiration Quotient (INQ) and the co-founder of Wellineux. She is a certified Leadership Coach and qualified Holistic Health Coach. She brings her extensive professional expertise, her firsthand familiarity with her own personal challenges and journey home, and her flexible, empathic nature to her every engagement and interaction, so that every client she serves feels witnessed, seen, and honoured for who they innately are.