Small and steady wins the happiness race

If adults got to write a letter to Santa at Christmas asking for a gift, I’m pretty sure happiness would make an appearance on many of our lists.

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If adults got to write a letter to Santa at Christmas asking for a gift, I’m pretty sure happiness would make an appearance on many of our lists. 

In fact, we don’t just wish for happiness for ourselves we also wish for more of it for our loved ones and for the world at large. 

We all want more of it and why wouldn’t we when it feels sogood?

But when we want something so badly and are so desperate to make it happen in one gigantic leap, why does it feel like mission impossible?

When we aim for the wholesale change, it closes up our minds and leaves us devoid of ideas and even devoid of motivation to come up with ideas. 

Nothing could possibly feel big enough, good enough or impactful enough. 

When we want something so badly is can leave us feeling crippled with pressure and overwhelmed by a cacophony of doubts circling in our minds like, “I can’t do this”, “what’s the point” or “this is a complete waste of time”. 

When we want something so badly, we’re often aiming for the utopia. The perfect future that we all know is not going to happen, right? We all have good days and we all have bad days. We all have happy things and we all have sad things happen in our lives. We can’t control that and, as a result, we can’t create a perfect state of happiness 100% of the time. 

But when we‘re asked to think about achieving a small shift, like what can make us 5% happier, something changes. 

All at once it seems to open us, drop the mission impossiblemindset and switch us into thelet’s do itgear.

The answers lie inside of us ready to pour out when we approach it with the right mindset. We don’t need to consult an expert, read a book or do a course, we feel empowered and equipped to do it ourselves. When we can drop our fears and our thinking and tap into our intuition, we feel ready to take action. 

All at once we can come up with small things that we can do immediately, in fact that we actually wonder why we never did before. 

So let’s give it a go. What would make you 5% happier?

Maybe it’s committing to getting out of the office at lunchtime for a breath of fresh air, dancing in the kitchen whilst you’re making a hot drink in the morning or getting to bed at a consistent time every night.

If you’re like me it might be devoting time each day to set my intentions or capturing memories wherever I go with my camera. 

Or if you’re like my husband it’s drinking more water every day and shutting off his phone at 7pm. 

And if you’re like my son, well he said it’s having even more cuddles and reading more Beano comics. 

The great thing is that there’s no right or wrong and, when it’s a small step, we can give it a go and even if it doesn’t work we don’t feel like we’ve failed. In fact, we tend to feel like we’ve learnt something about ourselves and are willing to give it another go.

When we take a small step each day, we’re much more likely to keep it going and with continued action comes lasting change. It sticks. And before we know it, the new approach has become a seamless part of our life.  

And think about how quickly a series of 5% changes can add up. One step at a time, but over time one gigantic leap.  

And once we’ve seen how to make changes this way to create more happiness, we can apply it to any area of our life. Before we know it we’re creating the life we dreamt of but never thought possible, one small step at a time.