The Alternative to Rules?


From a very young age we get used to the concept of rules. They provide us with a black and white definition of the way we believe things work best. 

Maybe it’s the time we go to bed, what we can touch and not touch, how tidy our room needs to be, how much TV we can watch or treats we can eat. 

We become so used to living this way, with decisions being taken out of our hands with the very best intention, that we start to rely more and more on the outside world to guide us. 

We look for formulas, tried and tested methods, techniques and approaches. 

We look to gurus, experts, teachers and those in the know. 

We look for security, definitive solutions and guarantees. 

We get so used to looking in this direction that we start to think it is the only direction we can look in. 

We get so used to believing the illusion that all the answers lie out there

We start to feel disempowered in here

We start to feel not enough in here

We start to feel disconnected from who we really are. 

And all this insecure thinking leads us to dive further and further into the world outside of us for the answers. But what we have innocently missed is that each and every one of us has an intellect within us and by that I’m not talking about the brain. 

This is an intellect that offers us what we need when we need it IF we trust it. This is an intellect more powerful than our mind. 

This is wisdom. This is insight. This is the safety net we can fall back on when we feel lost or unsure. This is a constant that is always there for us. Always there for all of us. 

We’ve all experienced it at some point, right? But most of us have never considered it as a go to option, a place to hang out ordinarily. 

When we can find stillness within ourselves our personal thinking quiets down and we have access to this well within us. Ideas come to us, new perspective is offered and we have enough to know what makes sense next. 

Maybe it no longer makes sense to do what you were doing and it makes sense to change direction.

Maybe it makes sense to do nothing until it becomes clear what you need to do. 

Or making it makes sense to plough on forward. Whatever it is, trusting this opens the door to letting ourself back into our own life. 

Trusting this helps us to feel at home in our life knowing we have all we need when we need it. 

Trusting this enables us to feel a deep sense of belonging. 

Trusting this is the only rule we ever need.