Are you a seeker?

What are you searching for?


Maybe it’s a new job where you feel more valued or get paid more money?

Maybe it’s a partner whom you can share your life with?

Maybe it’s a slimmer figure so you can feel good about yourself?

Maybe it’s more time in which to tackle the growing piles of work?

Maybe it’s a bigger house where you can fit all your belongings and feel more at home?

It seems like we’re all searching for something and that all those somethings come in different shapes and sizes. 

But what if everyone’s search is seeking the same thing? 

What if the reason for our search, whatever the details of it looks like, was peace?

What if the seeking actions that we take are an innocent attempt to counteract the thoughts that tell us that we are not ok and that we are not at peace? 

You know the thoughts, right? The thoughts that sound like “I will always be unhappy on my own”, “I look too big for anyone to like me”, “I can’t rest until my inbox is clear”, “I can’t be happy in this house”. 

What if, and I know it’s a big what if, but what if you already had peace? What if peace was your true nature and that it was yours for the taking apart from your thinking that told you otherwise? 

What if your thoughts were only transitory, coming and going like the clouds in the sky but that peace always existed in the background like the blue sky? 

One day I look in the mirror and it seems to me that I look bad, another it seems I look ok and another it seems I look pretty good. What if it wasn’t how I looked that made me feel a particular way - because how can it be when I feel such different things on consecutive days and I look nigh on the same – but it was my thinking in the moment?

Well, if that were the case, maybe I could give up the search. Maybe I wouldn’t need to keep trying to make things look a particular way on the outside and allow the inevitable thoughts to pass through and not see them as truth. Maybe I would feel more at peace than I ever have?

And maybe from that place of peace we would have much greater clarity on what really makes sense to do. 

Gone would be the need to manufacture peace.

Gone would be the need to manufacture things I the innocent belief that they would make you feel a particular way. 

Gone would be the need to be a seeker. 

Are you ready to stop the search?