How to Bring Your Holiday Into Your Everyday


From Europe’s colourful summer to Australia and New Zealand’s spectacular ski slopes, whether personally or through our connections we’ve hit a peak period of leave in our working lives.  As a result of holiday pics filling our social feeds, returning from our own getaway, or anything in-between, the feeling of a holiday hangover may be starting to set in.

The good news is that you can get rid of it just as quickly as it creeped up on you.  This simple five step activity will help you escape the holiday blues to enrich your everyday.

1. When you think of a holiday what comes to your mind?

From scenery to colours, smells and other sensations – write whatever makes you smile and generally makes you feel good.

2. Review your list and dive a little deeper into any broad or general items

It’s time to get really clear on what lights you up while you’re on holiday.
For example, if you listed the beach, what is it about the beach that makes you feel good?  Is it the fresh air, swimming in the ocean, the colours, the sand etc.

3. Prioritise your list
With one being the element that has the biggest impact, prioritise the items on your list until every item is numbered.

4. Bring it into your everyday
Starting at number one and progressing down, think about ways in which you can bring each element into your everyday, or how you can increase the frequency of each element in your overall lifestyle.

These examples will help expand your horizons as you start to work through your list…

  • Swimming – go for a swim at your local pool or beach (even if you need a wetsuit).
  • Sunshine – play with colour to bring warmth into your everyday, from clothes to food and accessories, don’t underestimate what a pop of colour can do to your mood and energy levels.
  • Fresh air – from a lunchtime walk and weekend hike to moving some of your current activities into the outdoors, it may be cold but that doesn’t mean you need to cut down on the amount of fresh air you breathe.
  • Freedom – from daily meditations to reducing your overall commitments, asking for support and investigating ways in which you can increase flexibility at work, there are many avenues to increasing your sense of freedom, it’s just a matter of trying different techniques to find what best works for you.  And if you’d like to give meditation a go, our free Wellineux Meditation Channel is a great place to start.
  • Rest – consider dedicating some time to simply being rather than doing.  We know it’s easier said than done, so to help put this into practise pop it into your calendar every day, week or month. If you struggle to simply be in the moment, then at least you have space to do whatever is playing on your mind, or makes you feel more rested (e.g. nap, massage, yoga, walk etc).
  • Exploring – put on your tourist hat and step outside of your everyday.  From discovering new cafes to walking down new streets, checking out the latest art exhibition, learning more about the buildings in your hood and trying some new cuisines, your local community has more to offer than you may realise.  We live in a country bursting with choice, so embrace the diversity and seek out new experiences… keeping in mind that sometimes the best ones are free.
  • Increased activity – movement doesn’t need to be confined to a specific activity or location, this article will help you find ways to incorporate it into your everyday.

5. Small steps

You don’t need to conquer your list in a week, a month, or any specified period.  Start implementing techniques that you feel are achievable, make note of how you feel after each one and before you know it, your everyday will start to feel a little more like a holiday.


By diving deep into what really makes us happy on holiday we gain a deeper understanding of ourselves – our values, our priorities and the activities that make us thrive.  By increasing these elements in our life, we better support our overall wellness… embrace it and enjoy!