Three Reasons Why You Should Invest In Workplace Yoga

There is always going to be some sort of stress that your employees will experience at work

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Work-related stress is caused by various factors such as demands of the job, long hours and tight deadlines.

Employees spend many hours at a desk getting work done on the computer or working on various projects.

This can result in a lot of mental and physical stress.

Your employees will experience physical, psychological and behavioural issues such fatigue, muscular tension, headaches, illnesses, anxiety, depression and mood swings — all leading to less productivity and more absenteeism.

That’s why it’s a good idea to introduce interventions like yoga into the workplace.

So how does yoga help your employees?

1.   Improves physical health

As most office workers spend time at their desk sitting, it results in postural problems, aches and pains, and related health issues, including the risk of early death.

Yoga helps the body move in ways not possible in a typical office environment. 

It helps clear up blockages and improves circulation around the body. It also allows workers develop better posture and reduce muscular and joint pain that may cause them to be fatigued

With a focus on flexibility and stretching yoga helps workers in daily tasks as they begin to feel better physically.


2.   Reduces stress and anxiety

Yoga is excellent for mental health too. Studies have shown that yoga and meditation help reduce stress and improve sleep quality in office workers.

The very practice of yoga has a calming effect and helps to clear up anxiety, and unnecessary thoughts and emotions.

This leads to higher productivity, concentration and self-assurance as employees feel more positive about their job and their life.


3.   Gives an emotional boost

Yoga facilitates a general feeling of well-being in those who practise it. 

Yoga lowers the stress hormone – cortisol – making it possible for yoga practitioners to feel less stressed which gives them an emotional boost.

This results in a happier and a peaceful workforce.

Yoga also lowers aggression and hostility which results in a more harmonious workplace.

How does it help you?

Yoga is not only an essential practice for your employees, but it also results in better outcomes for your organisation such as:

  1. Improved productivity
  2. Less sick days and absenteeism
  3. Harmonious workplace
  4. Less conflict
  5. Reduced compensation claims

Yoga has many other related benefits. But by now you can see how yoga in your workplace can help your employees and your business.

Yoga is a self-management tool and can be practised in the office or anywhere else. Even 10 minutes of yoga has a profound effect on employees’ wellbeing and ultimately on the health of your organisation.