6 Habits to Boost Your Confidence

So you can communicate courageously

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Communication in the workplace is essential and communicating confidently makes all the difference — in improving workplace relationships, achieving project success, and in developing your career further.

But often the workplace is riddled with situations that can cause you to lose your confidence or not gain any confidence at all, affecting the way you communicate. Fortunately,confidencecan be developed, andit is possible to communicatewith confidence in your workplace with these six habits:

1.  Increase your knowledge

You’ll be surprised at how confident you feel when you gain a better understanding of new concepts, techniques and complex issues relating to your work. Learn more about things that interest you by watching video tutorials, listening to podcasts or taking a class. These days, a lot of information is available online which you can access quicklyand develop your knowledge base. The new confidence that you feel from being knowledgeable will show when you communicate with others.

2.  Get training

If you want to learn how to communicateconfidently, then you should invest in relevant training, workshops or seminars which can help with confidence building and public speaking. Notice how confident you feel afterwards and how easily you communicate with others.

3.  Smile often

A smile is contagious, and it makes everyone in the room feel better. Besides a smile works wonders for you as feel-good neurotransmitters are released into your body fighting off all stress and anxiety. When you smile you feel better, andthat improves your confidence and ultimately the way you communicate in your workplace.

4.  Think positive thoughts

Successful people are self-confident. And they practice positive thinking. The idea is to eliminate negative self-talk with positive thoughts or affirmations. And as you do that you realise that by thinking positively you move forward in all areas of your life — health, happiness and money — as you become more self-confident and successful. Positive thinking will also help you ignore any negative criticism you may face in your workplace. When you hear something negative, think about your good attributes, andyou will immediately feel better as your brain shifts your thoughts and protects your confidence.

5.  Practice gratitude

Confident people also practice gratitude daily. Be thankful for all your qualities, attributes and abilities.  Appreciate all the wonderfulsupportive people in your life and acknowledge the good fortune and opportunities that come your way. When you are grateful,you develop healthyself-esteem and are less likely to envy others or retaliate against others. In fact, the more grateful you are, thehappier you feel, andyour confidence shows when you communicate with others.

6.  Surround yourself with people who boost your confidence

When you hangaround negative people or people who always criticise you, it is going to affect your self-confidence and the way you feel about yourself. Make a habit of cultivating a circle of people around you who will always encourage you and build your confidence.  This will help you communicate with self-assurance and buoyancyin your style.

Communicating with confidence does not guarantee that you will get what you want. But it does help you feel better about yourself and your work environment. And it also plays a massive role in achieving what you want out of your interaction with others.

If you keep practising these six habits regularly, you are bound to feel confident in no time and will be able to communicate courageously in any situation.