Three Steps to Cultivate Workplace Wellness


So, your workplace says they value health and wellness; they may have updated their policies, have a weekly fruit delivery and perhaps even organise some regular group boot camps, yoga classes or meditation sessions for team members to be involved in.  While these and the many other wellness initiatives that are starting to occur in workplaces across the globe are all very positive, where does your workplace truly stand when things get a little rocky?

Re-structures, redundancies, leadership changes, re-location, deaths, deadlines, sexuality, separation, anxiety, depression, family, cancer, IVF, abuse… the list is a mile long, however the way in which your workplace supports you through instances that occur at any level - organisational, professional and personal, reveal just how much they truly value wellness.

To ensure your workplace shines when put to the test, here’s three steps to support a strong wellness culture:

1. Values

Forming the heart of the business that drives operations, values are the first check-in point for any decisions.  Based on this, wellness must be incorporated and clearly articulated within your workplace values.

2. Strategy

While it’s all well and good to say wellness is a core workplace value, what is of more importance is the commitments your workplace will make in order to live and breathe this value.  Creating a wellness strategy enables your workplace to clearly define their positioning and actions, so all team members are on the same page.  The strategy should also incorporate a plan, highlighting ongoing commitments as well as those that may be date specific.

2. Action

As the saying goes, actions speak louder than words.  While this area seems to be the one that many organisations fail in, it’s undoubtedly the hardest to implement and maintain.  Action is not only about implementing the strategy, it’s also about individuals (especially those in leadership positions) to live and breathe the values each and every day.  With so many different personalities at all levels; mindfulness, accountability and vulnerability are essential individual qualities. 

These three steps not only set the foundation for a strong wellness culture on a workplace level, but they can also be easily applied on an individual level too.  As the Dalai Lama says, “Just as ripples spread out when a single pebble is dropped into water, the actions of individuals can have a far-reaching effect”.

At Wellineux, we’re committed to creating workplace wellness strategies that see you strive.  From our training and mentoring services to our wellness programs and everything in-between, we’d love to support you in your wellness journey.