Another state of mind: 3 steps to align your flow


What if we told you that the secret to peak performance laid simply in allowing your state of mind to adhere to it’s natural rhythm?  So rather than placing your focus and actions on ‘doing’, you simply worked with your flow rather than against it.

Similar to our heartbeat, our state of mind constantly shifts from high to low throughout the day.  And what’s been an absolute game changer in the lives of our Wellineux team is the way in which we work with this rhythm in order to maximise our peak/high periods, while acknowledging our low periods will pass and in turn minimising the time we spend in them; in addition to understanding the tasks that are best suited to our different states of mind.

As focus moves away from ‘doing/fixing/changing’ something, it may seem quite opposite to the way in which we have been raised to think and act as a culture, however this new way of living has deep roots in sound research that’s decades old.

When a stressful situation occurs in our work life our fight/flight response kicks in and our autopilot is generally set to fight it, which means our heart rate and breathe increases, glucose and fat stores are released into our body, and our senses are sharper.  However, by continually focusing our attention on ‘doing/fixing/changing’ we prolong the time we spend in this fight response and as a result, more cortisol and glucose is released into the body.  The fight response is aligned with a low state of mind and staying in it for long periods of time has proven to lead to high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, obesity, and addiction.

So how do we stop fuelling our low state of mind?  Here’s three steps that will help bring you closer to your natural flow:

1.Take a breath

2.Break the cycle

Ask yourself ‘Where is this stress coming from?’

3.Have faith in your body

Rather than thinking about how you can ‘fix/change/do’ something, remind yourself it will pass and move onto something else – this allows your state of mind to return to its higher state at a much faster rate (than if you continued to fuel its low level)

As you allow yourself to work with the natural flow of your state of mind, your creativity and productivity soars, while everyday stresses no longer have the same impact they once did – allowing you to truly thrive in the workplace.  

Living in alignment with your state of mind provides continual learning and we’d love to support you in this.  From our wellness programs and training to mentoring, this new approach is now embedded in all that we do, to ignite wellbeing within you and your organisation to support peak performance.