Need to think with creativity & innovation? Try this before your next meeting!


More and more we find ourselves stuck in a heightened state of stress and anxiety. Burnout is all too common. Lack of sleep, inability to focus, less time to connect with ourselves and with others. When did we come to accept this as normal living?

As a society, we’ve gotten really bad at doing nothing.
— Christine Carter, Raising Happiness.

And even though neuro-science increasingly reports that at our most idle, our brains are most open to inspiration and creativity, we still resist taking time for ourselves!

The great news is that we can start to turn this around for ourselves with a very small time commitment.

Mindfulness. It’s the act of paying attention, in detail, to what is going on in the present moment.

Science states that when we practice mindfulness our brains change. The frequency of waves shift, slowing down from a heightened state of fight or flight and into a frequency that supports clarity, innovative thinking, creative ideas and calm.

Mindful colouring is a fantastic tool to create this shift in brain waves.

Did you know that a huge 70% of leaders report being able to be attentive in meetings? Minds wandering to everything from their to-do lists to what’s on for dinner. Taking 3 minutes to colour before you next meeting will help you to show up in the present moment, to contribute with creativity and clarity.

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