Driving peak performance through the power of a full stop


How often do you continue to think about certain interactions or feedback you’ve received in your work life after they have occurred?  How much time and energy are these thoughts taking?  How productive do you find this process?  At Wellineux, we know there’s a more efficient way of living that allows you to work at your peak for longer periods of time, and it all comes down to your state of mind. 

What we know about state of mind is that it is transient and like our heartbeat, it constantly flows through high and low states, with new thoughts constantly popping into the mind.  We have no control over this process, it’s simply how we have all been physiologically and psychologically created.  However, what we do have control over is how much energy and time we decide to dedicate to a specific thought, which then fuels the amount of time we spend in either a high or low state of mind.

As we have grown up, most of us have been taught to fix any discomforts in life, so if we perceive something in our life as negative then we automatically try to come up with solutions and actions that will improve or ‘fix’ these items.  As a result, we unconsciously allow ourselves to believe that the negatives are true, fuelling the time and energy in which we spend in a negative state of mind as we try to come up with solutions to address what we now believe to be true.  This process generally puts us deeper and deeper into a low state of mind, taking us longer to naturally return to a higher state of mind.  

Now let us introduce you to the power of a full stop.  If rather than allowing ourselves to believe that the negatives are true, we instead take them as they are and place a full stop after them, we can then transition into:

  • Seeing our thoughts rather than being in our thoughts

  • A higher state of mind in which we can work at our peak for longer, allowing us to have:

    • greater clarity and awareness

    • increased creativity

    • increased productiveness

    • increased connection

    • increased wellbeing

So, what does this all look like in our working life?  Let’s take a performance review in which you are given feedback you perceive as negative.  In most cases, thoughts will automatically go something like  ‘My Manager told me I am bad at managing time, I am bad at managing time, I need to change how I manage my time, how can I better manage my work life, I can change X, Y, Z, do X, Y, Z….’

Now if you add a full stop after receiving the feedback, your thoughts go a little like ‘My Manager thinks I have bad time management.  Now what was next to do on my list today?’ The full stop allows you to move on with the awareness that your thoughts are simply thoughts passing through your mind.

Owning the power of the full stop allows us to live mindfully in the moment, while our state of mind can return and operate at its peak for longer, enabling us to thrive both personally and professionally.  Learning about your state of mind and how to best use it in order to drive peak performance is a continual process and one we’re really excited to support you and your organisation with through all our touchpoints, including our wellbeing programs, mindfulness training and mentoring.