You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Choose wisely.
— Jim John

Executive & LEADERSHIP Mentors

Wellineux draws upon experts from a range of backgrounds, both professional and personal, to fulfil our mentoring program. They are all so happy to generously share their extensive experience, networks and perspective with you.


Michelle McCartan

Co-founder of Wellineux and author of two personal development books, Michelle works with corporates, entrepreneurs & creatives to build confidence and leadership, to thrive in work and in life.


Anthony Youdes

With over 8 years experience in executive coaching, Anthony’s extensive business coaching and assessment background has enabled him to achieve impressive results in leadership performance for his clients.


Nina Marshall

Work with Nina to manage stress, balance life, improve energy and increase your personal satisfaction, she will take you on a wellbeing journey with a mixture of humour, warmth, trust, enlightenment and encouragement.