Affirmation Cards

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Affirmation Cards


"It is said that the average person’s thoughts are 80-percent negative" - Erin Joy Henry, The Huffington Post.

Given that statistic, the majority of us are not the exception. So have you ever wondered if your negative thoughts are standing in the way of achieving your goals? Getting in the way of your confidence? Or even finding inner peace? 

Our dialogue, both internal and external, has a powerful impact on our lives. 

A daily affirmation can:

  • increase your happiness and decrease negative thoughts
  • renew your perspective
  • strengthen your relationships
  • transform businesses and motivate teams
  • enlighten and inspire the people around you
  • increase your confidence and self worth in order to achieve your goals.

Motivate yourself and the people around you with the Wellineux positive affirmations that have been crafted to transform your energy.

So, what's inside?

  • 10 x Affirmations, printed on quality recycled card
  • 1 x Wooden display easel
  • Packaged within a recycled gift box

Australian orders: price listed is exclusive of GST.

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