Journey Of Me Wellness Journal - SOLD OUT


Journey Of Me Wellness Journal - SOLD OUT


Wellineux's best selling 8 month wellness guide, the Journey Of Me (JOM) is your go-to daily resource for the ultimate in holistic wellbeing.

In this inspiring, upbeat and fully interactive guide, Wellineux guides you to creating a practical plan for realising your own version of an incredible life, across all eight dimensions of your wellbeing.

Designed to help you align your every day actions with your core values, your larger life intentions and strategic goals, the JOM will propel you out of indecision and into inspired action!

So what's inside?

  • Eight chapters, each aligned to one of Wellineux's eight pillars of wellness
    Discovery, Rest, Nutrition, Resources, Mind, Growth, Movement and Connection
  • Highly interactive resources that will connect you deeply with your values and your authentic self
  • Worksheets and planners that will help you map our your intentions and goals
  • Daily inspiration, gratitude and moments for reflection
  • Plus, links to additional online course materials and downloads. 

The result?

A deeper, more intimate understanding of who you really are at your core, a crystal clear vision for your ideal future, and an intimate knowledge of the steps you need to take you there. 

What others are saying

"Wellineux's Journey of Me is a powerful catalyst for creating positive life changes in simple, sustainable ways. It teaches us how to tune into the body’s wisdom and find the tools needed to live a life of wellness. It also helps us tune out the noise and complexities that often cloud our everyday lives. Filled with beautiful imagery and inspirational quotes, the Journey of Me encourages anyone, regardless of their current state of health, to live their best life."

- Megan Dalla-Camina, Strategist, coach, author and speaker on women, leadership and wellbeing.

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