Pause & Breathe Mindful Colouring Book


Pause & Breathe Mindful Colouring Book


Wellineux's Pause & Breathe will help you develop your daily practice of mindfulness.

In this inspiring and calming Colouring In Book, Wellineux guides you to a place of mental clarity, focus and calm. You will arrive at a space where you can think with creativity and innovation, where you can let go of worries playing on your mind.

So what's inside?

  • One A5 Pause & Breathe Mandala Colouring In Book, complete with unique mandala's to colour, self discovery worksheets and moments of active reflection
  • A pack of wooden colouring pencils

The result?

  • A heightened state of clarity
  • Increased feelings of calm
  • A reduction in distracted thoughts
  • An increased ability to have ideas
  • The mental space to feel control of your life, to show compassion and to be kind

Keep the Pause & Breathe on your desk at work for 5 minutes of colouring before your next important meeting, and make sure you take note of the results!

What others are saying

"Taking a moment to practice a mindfulness or meditation technique [such as the Pause & Breathe] can make all the difference in how you face your challenge, or how you step into the next one, as well as improving your stress levels and overall health" - Mary Attard, Financial Services.

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