My mentor said, ‘Let’s go do it,’
not ‘You go do it.’
How powerful when someone says, ‘Let’s!’
— Jim Rohn

Wellbeing & LEADERSHIP MentorsHIP 

There are many times in your life when having a highly skilled and inspiring mentor to guide and support you can make the difference between merely surviving and joyfully thriving.

At home thriving for you might look like one or more of these;

  • being present with your loved ones
  • having the energy to sustainably navigate your day
  • taking guilt free time for self-care
  • being fueled by a strong sense of purpose
  • living a life that reflects the real you
  • confidently making choices that support your health
  • creating the daily habits that make you feel vibrant
  • speaking kindly to yourself
  • having fun

Whilst at work thriving might look like;

  • knowing where you are heading
  • being clear of mind and focused
  • creatively thinking about problems
  • responding with resilience to high pressure situations
  • taking deliberate and authentic action towards the results that matter most
  • succeeding in your most authentic and fulfilling manner
  • communicating clearly, confidently and courageously
  • making a lasting difference

Whatever it is that you are trying to achieve, and even if you don’t know what "IT" looks like quite yet, a Wellineux mentor will guide you to put solid foundations of wellness in place leaving you well-in-you and able to authentically thrive.

Wellineux's mentors take a holistic approach drawing upon Wellineux's eight pillars of wellness to guide you to complete wellbeing, and since we’re all unique, your mentorship relationship will be designed for you and you alone. Your mentor will help you to build a foundation of wellness that works for you and, in the process, create the life or work changes you aspire to.


Wellbeing Mentor

Available in person or via Skype

Press Pause | 1 x 90 minute mentor meet

For new or returning clients seeking clarity, direction and momentum in one discreet area. Perfect for a quarterly, half yearly or yearly wellness check in to quickly assess your overall wellbeing and identify any areas that may have drifted off track so you can make change early and sustainably. 

The Foundations of Wellness | 3 x 60 minute mentor meets

No two people are the same so this is the program for you if you want to work with your very own coach to design a solid foundation of wellness for your life. Gain clarity and confidence around daily choices that will support your wellbeing and help you to thrive.


The Journey of Discovery | 6 x 60 minute mentor meets

If you’re seeking change in your life but are unclear about what it looks like or how to get there, this program is for you. Your mentor will help you to dig deep to uncover the real you in order to gain crystal clear clarity that the change you’re seeking will support your most vibrant self and generate the lasting outcomes you desire. You will create a powerful plan to create change whilst ensuring that your day to day wellness stays front of mind.  

The Life Changer | 12 x 60 minute mentor meets

If you’re seeking major shifts within your life, then look no further. Engaging a mentor will help you to really get clear on who you are, what change to make, how to create a plan to make the change and to walk the journey with you towards bring the change to life all the time keeping you in the centre. This is the ultimate program to make major shifts within your life. 

How to begin

Simply select your coach, purchase your preferred program and your coach will be in touch soon to take the first steps of your coaching journey.

If you have any questions or want to request a free 15 minute chat with the coach of your choice, contact us here and we will be in touch.