My mentor said, ‘Let’s go do it,’
not ‘You go do it.’
How powerful when someone says, ‘Let’s!’
— Jim Rohn

Wellbeing Mentors

There are many scenarios in life where a Wellineux mentor can make the difference between merely surviving to absolutely thriving.

Taking a holistic view and drawing upon the eight dimensions of wellbeing, Wellineux's mentors will guide you to unveiling on purpose direction, holistic wellbeing, and an authentic and fulfilled meaning in your life.

Select the mentor that resonates with you.


Dara Simkin

Known for her authenticity, sense of humour and no BS approach, Dara focuses on thought management & self-awareness in order to work through stress, self-doubt, anxiety & overwhelm.


Aaron Tenabel

An ex professional athlete and coach, Aaron understands the dedication it takes to get the best out of yourself, but also the important need to live a life that is balanced, restful and fun too.


Joanna Guy

With a focus on nutrition and energy levels, Joanna specialises in fat loss, muscle gain, sports performance, digestive issues and food intolerances - in order for you to live a truly 'epic' life


Brenda Janschek

As a qualified health coach Brenda helps busy and stressed out mums develop and implement healthy nutrition and lifestyle habits that can be easily shared with their families and friends.


Victoria Bauman

A lover of bold adventures and gentle self care, Victoria is a coach for any bold woman looking to step forward into
her dreams.


Carly Hawkins

Specialising in nutrition and wellbeing, Carly combines her extensive background in teaching with a highly intuitive and compassionate approach.



Wellineux draws upon experts from a range of backgrounds, both professional and personal, to fulfil our mentoring program. They are all so happy to generously share their extensive experience, networks and perspective with you.


Michelle McCartan

Co-founder of Wellineux and author of two personal development books, Michelle works with corporates, entrepreneurs & creatives to build confidence and leadership, to thrive in work and in life.


Anthony Youdes

With over 8 years experience in executive coaching, Anthony’s extensive business coaching and assessment background has enabled him to achieve impressive results in leadership performance for his clients.