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Aaron’s background as a professional athlete (swimming) and coach, has stoked his lifelong passion for health, wellness and fitness.  He understands the dedication and commitment it takes to get the best out of yourself and your body, but also the very important need to live a life that is balanced, fun, and involves rest and relaxation too.  His experience as an elite swimming coach has seen him work with and coach Australian Team representatives and a Paralympic gold medallist, and also inspired in him a love for teamwork, motivation and business, which eventually saw him transition into the corporate world and now as a business owner.

He has gone from working in thongs on a pool deck to donning a suit and tie for the daily commute as part of the corporate world.  He knows what it’s like to transition from one very different career to another and to feel somewhat trapped, like you can never make the move or change.  It can feel really daunting, but can be done, and he loves showing that to people through his coaching. His life and career journey has been really diverse so far; a continual learning curve in finding out who he is, discovering his true passions and strengths and how his actions can be congruent with his values.

No matter whether you are wanting some inspired support to improve your health and wellbeing (no matter what you starting point is) Aaron would love to work with you.