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From the moment Carly and I connected she made me feel safe. I felt safe to share openly and honestly without any judgement and totally be myself. I was in exploration of how to bring a new business into reality and she asked questions that had me remove constraints and consider several ways to make it happen. She provided lots of tools that supported areas that weren’t my strength and allowed me to work through things that had stopped me taking action. My tine with Carly was extremely valuable, and as a result, I have now started by business, Forward Thinking Company
— Trevor Holland.

Carly Hawkins

Carly is a coach, teacher, trainer and wellness advocate. Carly’s approach is highly intuitive, supportive and compassionate and she has helped countless people on their wellness journey long before this became her career. As a teacher, Carly found that wellness was such an important aspect for her students and was the reason she became a teacher.

This wellness theme continued to be what motivated Carly throughout her corporate journey of training and project management. It was through coaching that Carly discovered the perfect vehicle for her to help others using her natural skills of empathy, compassion and intuition in a holistic approach; looking at the whole person including relationships, connection, mind and nutrition.

It was in the corporate world that Carly truly lost and found herself; working long hours, not making time for family / friends and sacrificing her health. Carly will never forget the day her grandmother asked if she had done something wrong, as she had not seen her in a long time. That really put things in perspective for Carly; she was very busy at being busy. It was not long after that, when she made the conscious decision to find what she loved and the rest fell into place.

Carly’s “journey of me” continues to evolve daily; becoming a mother has brought a different, deeper, understanding of health, connection and relationships. Living her life authentically and being true to her wellness journey has also become even more important. Whilst wearing the many hats of; coach, mother, partner, daughter, aunt, sister and friend, Carly has learnt that she needs to really value her own needs. This may take the form of meditation, journaling, a walk or jog on the beach, a relaxing bath, or some time spent in the kitchen preparing nutritious meals; whatever her wellness needs are at the time.

As a coach and facilitator, Carly draws so much joy from using her energy and firsthand understanding to walk with others on their own journey. Helping other people connect to what wellness means to them and living the best version of their own lives. This is something that Carly knows is achievable for each and every one of us.

Carly holds the following qualifications:

  • Certificate IV in Workplace and Business Coaching
  •  Certificate IV in Food Coaching
  •  Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
  • Certificate IV in Frontline Management
  • Diploma of Management
  • Bachelor of Teaching Primary and Secondary
  • Bachelor of Arts