It is estimated that untreated mental health conditions cost
Australian workplaces $10.9 billion per year
— Harvard Business review

When you think of wellbeing in the workplace,
what 'problem' are you trying to solve?

Mental Health & Corporate Wellness Programs


Developed by a group of positive psychology & mindfulness experts, Wellineux offers a range of dynamic, interactive & fully customisable wellbeing interventions that address the root cause of said 'problems', to ignite inspired wellness and support your peak performance and business success.


Corporate Urban Retreat | 1 day

Unleash the creative potential & innovation within your workplace. Rooted in the teachings of positive psychology & mindfulness, this one day inner city retreat will help your team tune into their authentic selves, think with clarity and operate at their peak.

Wellbeing At Work | Series of 8 workshops

A series of 8 bite size workshops (think 1 hour 'lunch and learn') highlighting Wellineux's 8 pillars of wellness. A fully customisable holistic approach to ignite the well-in-you within your team.


Workplace Wellbeing Strategy Consultation 

Work with us to curate a wellbeing strategy that will take your workplace wellbeing from inspired to extraordinary, supporting both individual peak performance & business success. Workspace & Event curation also available.

THRIVE v2.png

Thrive Co-Lab | Create Your Own Wellness Meet Up

Create a self-directed group of employees coming together monthly to work on their wellness. Supported by Wellineux’s comprehensive facilitator guide, activities and ongoing support, in the 8 workshops to follow, your Co-Lab will explore Wellineux’s 8 pillars of wellbeing. 


Corporate Chair Massage Experience | 10 minute massages

Is your workplace running on high rev? Reduce stress, anxiety and muscle tension with an in-house chair massage at your location. Each employee will receive an additional Wellineux inspiration & nutrition kit to keep at their desk.