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Amy Chen, founder of Bare & Wilde, attended the Wellineux 'Collective Wellness' Women's Wellness Workshop held at Collective Hub HQ in Sydney recently. Amy shares her top take aways from the event.  

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For me, the Women’s Wellness Workshop (and the entire Collective Wellness series) is all about connection, learning and importantly, growth, as an individual and as a community.  Each element of the workshop was so thoughtfully planned out - the morning started off with an energetic and uplifting vinyasa flow led by Power Living, followed by a nourishing morning tea prepared by Brown Paper Nutrition, a reflective passion planning session with wellness coach, Megan McGrath and to top it all off, a creative workshop led by Nadia Felsch, which included a cacao chia pudding demonstration. 

It was an amazing uplifting event and so I thought it would be insightful to share some of my top take-aways from the workshop.

1. The power of morning yoga

I have always been one to exercise at least 5 times a week and usually it’ll be a quick half hour during the morning.  But there is something very special about participating in uplifting morning exercise with a group of people, a community.  The yoga session wasn’t just about strength, movement, getting warmed up (although it sure did those things) but it made me more aware of my breath, the breath of people around me and connection with self and others through breath. 

2. Guilt-free eating is more fun and delicious!

The wholesome and nourishing spread put on by Brown Paper Nutrition was incredible and demonstrated perfectly how clean eating can be (and should be) fun and amazingly delicious.  In our society these days, and I am also guilty of this occasionally, we can become so conscious of what we are putting into our bodies that we forget to simply enjoy the art of eating.  But it shouldn’t be like this – by finding fun and creative ways to cook clean nourishing foods that we trust has no nasties, we immediately become happier when we eat, we no longer feel guilty about “overeating” and we are more inclined to listen to our bodies.  The sweet potato brownies at this event were to die for and full of goodness. This is how we should be eating on a daily basis.

3. Mindfulness and consciously creating a life we love

Megan McGrath, from Chasing Sunrise, a health and wellness coach, gave many handy tips and tricks to help us live our best life.  I really resonated with these as I’m a big believer in always living life to the fullest – after all we only have this one life.

I also think that each and every one of us has the ability to live life to the fullest, provided we consciously decide to do so.  But it’s easier said than done, most of us, including myself (guilty as charged), are too busy rushing through a busy life, we’re not consciously creating it to look the way we want it to look.  Here are a few of my favorite takeaways from Megan to help you consciously create a life you love:

  • Think about what your core values are.  I know a lot of people think they know what their values are, (after all if you don’t know then who does!), but when Megan asked us to filter our top 10 values down to our top 3, it really made me think about my priorities. Once you know this, these are the key values that should influence your daily decision making for you to create a life you love.
  • Acknowledge your strengths.  I personally find it quite difficult to talk to people about what I think I’m good at (this question has often led me to many mind-blank moments) but, as Megan suggested, it is something we should feel comfortable talking about so we can leverage off what we are already good at to consciously create a life we love.
  • Goal setting and passion planning.  How often do you think about what you want your life to look like in 10 years? You might be thinking “I’d rather be spontaneous”. I totally agree – I love spontaneity as well but how would you create a life you love if you don’t know what you want?  So first things first, know what you want, know your goal - how you get there can still be an adventure. 
  • Do you know what your "game changer" is?  When you set goals, you will find there are many things you need to do first to reach your goal.  Megan made us think about which one of those many steps is our "game changer" – that is, what is the one things we need to do as a priority to have real impact.  Trust me, when you know what your game changer is, it will really drive you forward closer to your vision. 

4Cooking wholefoods should be practical and easy

It was so fun and entertaining listening to Nadia Felsch tell us about her wholefoods journey and her dedication to it (I mean she presented at the Workshop despite having a nutrition exam that same afternoon – that is dedication!).

Nadia inspired us to find easy practical ways to incorporate wholefoods into our daily life.  In a fast-paced world, practicality and fastness becomes such important things.  During the workshop, we all got the opportunity to make our own Nadia Felsch recipe cacao chia pudding and boy was it simple to make and delicious to eat.  Not only that, but you can make it in bulk and store it away to last the week (we love the sounds of that!)  So there are really no excuses to not eating wholefoods daily, once you find easy and practical ways to make it, the process is fun and exciting!  A perfect example of this is Nadia's own creation, Wholefood Society, who specialise in easy to bake healthy mixes - we featured Wholefood Society's organic banana bread mix in our Winter Wellness Box and it is divine!!

A bit off topic but it's too cute to not share - we also learnt that Nadia has two sausage puppies called Toast and Avocado! How gorgeous is that!?!

5. Connection with community – from social media to in person.

While Bare & Wilde is my passion project to inspire people to live their best life and to make health and wellness fun, exciting and “wilde”, one of my favorite things about starting Bare & Wilde has definitely been the connections and relationships I’ve fostered, most of which started through the beauty of social media, but it is gorgeous when those relationships allow you to connect with such beautiful and inspiring people in person – I am so grateful for these opportunities.  When social media is used in the right way, it can really lead to something very special.

6. Implement self-care into your lifestyle 

Health, wellness, self-care are not just things we should think about only once a month for a few hours, but rather, to reap the true benefits of it, we need to implement it into our lifestyle.  It is a way of living. 

This moment made me full of joy when Bare & Wilde’s gift of wellness was given to everyone as a reminder to take moments out of our busy days for self-care and just simply enjoy what is before us.  Curated to inspire you to live your best life because there is really no other way to live!! 

What our community is saying...

Wow - can I just say, my girlfriend and I absolutely LOVED the morning. I don't even know where to start, we got so much from it, and have implemented lots of things already to our everyday!
The yoga brilliant!
Breakfast, to die for!
The speaker!! WOW - amazing!! And so inspirational.
The mediation, and the Terrarium, I'm in LOVE!!!
Not to mention our goodies box and the JOM!!! Its given me so much direction, and I love turning each page and just wondering what is next. The Wellineux team was SO generous, it was just amazing!!! We are so excited for you to release your next dates, we will stay tuned so we can lock one in. Thankyou again. - Lisa x

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Amy Chen is the founder of Bare & Wilde, a luxurious online curation of natural non-toxic health, wellness and beauty products and seasonal subscription boxes. 
Each season, Bare & Wilde’s curation of natural and non-toxic products grows as Amy and her team sources up and coming health and wellness brands from Australia and internationally to add to the coveted selection.  While being extremely passionate about inspiring others to live their best life through detoxifying their life in a holistic manner, Amy is also passionate about supporting up and coming businesses in the health and wellness space and is so grateful that the Bare & Wilde community is able to support such beautiful passionate business owners. Since Bare & Wilde’s launch in late 2016, it has grown to a community of over 250 subscribers, 5400 Instagram followers and has participated in a number of powerful partnerships and collaborations, including working with Wellineux, Collective Hub, Lululemon (Claremont Store, Perth) and many other partners.  Bare & Wilde aims to continue growing to showcase Australia’s most coveted health and wellness businesses on an international scale. 

During the day, Amy is a commercial lawyer and is currently striking the balance between her structured corporate world and her “wilde” creative self as the founder of Bare & Wilde.