How to Reignite Your Creativity When You’re Feeling Flat


Even the best of us have our off days, those days where nothing seems to be working – including the part of our brain that pump out creative ideas. Finding the motivation to help keep our best and most creative ideas flowing is important – and sometimes we need to consciously kickstart to igniting that passion within.

Whether simply feeling burned out, or maybe you’ve been with the company for years, and you’re experiencing creative fatigue – there are ways we can help ignite the creative spark.

We walk through some of the top tips, to get the creativity flowing again.


Stop. It sounds counterproductive, doesn’t it? But, hitting refresh could be counted as one of the most tried and true ways to help reignite that inner creative passion – subsiding overwhelm, and exhaustion – which can cause creative blocks. Taking a break, and stepping out of routine can help you to come back with a fresh mind set, and importantly... new ideas.

When thinking about reigniting your creativity, it’s the space you give yourself that provides a relaxed mind – leading  to new ideas, and an ability to think outside of the box.



In 2018, it might seem impossible to go tech-free – but spending time away from habitual apps, programmes, and websites can help us reinforce new ideas, and ignite creativity. Why? Technology can reinforce the same ideas over and over – and if we’re looking elsewhere, our mind is encouraged to look for new and fresh things.

Take a step back…pull out the old-fashioned tools. Encourage yourself to develop concepts through whiteboards, or large pieces of paper sprawled across a table. Buy a notebook to develop brainstorms, and take notes. Dedicating a specific time away from technology each week, or during the day will help you connect with your surroundings – bringing in fresh, and innovative ideas.



It’s known that routine is a killer of creativity – but at the same time, it keeps our day-to-day logical. Through routine, we become familiar with the expectations of what needs doing in our day, and it can be hard to break out of the habit.

One way to stay true to our work routine, but break it at the same time, is to work in increments. Instead of the pressure that comes with finding time to feel creative – spread a creative task out over a specific time period, with no time pressure. Working in small segments throughout the day will see a project snowball quicker than you think. 



We may have heard the saying “If at first you don't succeed, Try, try, try again” – and every bit of it is true. Bad ideas are the key to being creative.

Follow-through on any idea, instead of abandoning them – even if they are bad. Through acceptance of bad ideas, this will allow you to move on faster, and easier. Remind them that there is no judgement in creativity. Afterall, what is the secret to creativity? It’s persistence.