What World Do We Really Live In?

We live in a noisy world

W Busy.jpg

A world that seems to tell us from a young age that it holds the answers to all of our problems. 

If we just do x, y and z or learn a, b and c we will be cleverer, more beautiful, more productive, more loved or more successful. 

In this world it makes sense to listen up, take note and work hard. 

In this world it makes sense to try to control everything and take care of yourself and your surroundings by building the perfect empire. 

In this world it makes sense to follow the trends, analyse the data and strive day in day out to make things happen. 

But what if the world we live in is actually a very different world? What if it was a simple misunderstanding?

What if the book that describes how the world actually works was swapped way back when and we’ve lost sight of the truth?

Could it be possible that the world works in a different way?

Could it be possible that the way you feel and your experience of life in the moment – good, bad or neutral – doesn’t come from circumstances, people or things outside of you? 

Because if this were the case it wouldn’t make sense to control your circumstances to seek a certain feeling because you would know that your feelings were simply an indication of your state of mind in the moment. 


Could it be that your feelings and experience come from your thinking 100% of the time?

Because if this were the case our experience of life would be created from the inside-out and no longer would it make sense to feel responsible for other people’s feelings, to retaliate or to control people or circumstances.


And could it be possible that your state of mind isn’t static but ebbs and flows all the time like the tide? 

If this were the case you might notice that sometimes you feel one way about something and sometimes you feel another way independent of the world out there. So sometimes you might feel angry when your child dropped a glass and other times you might feel compassion but you would know why and wouldn’t need to spend hours worrying about your behavior or theirs. 


Could it be that we are always ok apart from our insecure thinking that tells us otherwise? 

Because if this were really the case it’s possible that we wouldn’t spend time grabbing hold of our worries thinking they were objectively real that by circulating our worries we might get to a better end result. 


Could it be that we are not broken or require fixing?

Because then we might drop the search out there of trying to make us different to how we are. What a relief that would be!


Could it be that who we really are is not our beliefs, our roles, our thinking, our circumstances or our history?

Because if this were true, it seems to me who we are would circle back to our purest state of love, deep knowing, compassion, creativity and resilience. 

If this were all true (hint it seems that way to me) AND this understanding was shared with us, life could look very different. 

Work life. Family life. Community life. Political life. All of life. 

Our moment to moment experience could be very different. 

In fact, that noisy world might not look so noisy after all.