Top 5 Hobbies to Boost Your Employability


When was the last time you adopted a new hobby – or more so, even considered how it it could make you more employable? Introducing hobbies into your evenings, or weekends can have so many benefits, and doing so can help us reduce stress, feel more focused, and help us tap into our inner creative – making us more employable than ever! Why? A recent study has suggested that employers are starting to use a candidate’s hobbies and interest as an key indicator of employability and whether they are a good cultural fit.

We talk through the top 5 hobbies you should be adding to your list – some of which you might already even be doing!


Okay – so this one might be the opposite of what our parents ever told us, but doing so can help us solve problems quickly and efficiently. “Any game that promotes complex thinking, where you need to map out your next few moves, can help you develop thinking and reasoning skills,” says Richard Shuster, PsyD, host of the podcast The Daily Helping. Need some gaming inspiration? Check out out Monument Valley, a beautiful yet tactical skill game that’ll help boost that employability.


Get acquainted with your local museum or library on the weekend – or even on your lunch break. An interest in learning-based activities can showcase a hunger for knowledge, and visiting museums and libraries is a great place to expand on our research skills. Did you know that CEOs read a book a week – now that’s got to be telling us something!


Not only does the dopamine we gain from sport benefit us in our day-to-day (keeping us motivated, alert, and concentrated), but being doing sport within a team can help develop key leadership skills. Why? You’re working together, toward a mutual goal. Knowing how to function as a team is a vital asset to have, that employers readily seek, and learning this in a fun and social environment, what’s there to loose? A quick Google search of ‘social sports’ with your area will get you started.


Can you remember the last time you were wow’ed by a speech, or talk? It’s because the person speaking was likely a very good storyteller – the best public speakers usually are, and know how to hold the attention of a room. Creative writing is the best way to learn how to craft a narrative. Get your pen to paper, or your finger your phone – we wanna hear your best story! Check out this TEDx to get you inspired.


Whether we’re heading out on a quick weekend trip, or taking a few weeks to switch off – we’re always learning, and experiencing new things. Science tells us that travel may actually make us smarter, too. It can expand our willingness and capacity to adapt and learn – especially when learning how to deal with competing ideologies, giving us a deeper perspective on life, inside of work, and out. So, where are you planning your next trip?