The Why of Wellineux


Back in 2012 Wellineux was born.

A number of reasons lead to its birth, not least the desire to help people to break free from the often overwhelming expectation to do wellness in a particular way.

You know what I mean, right?

The green juice fast, the 5/2 diet, the daily yoga, the essential oils, the flotation tanks, the infra-red saunas, the supplement selection, the consultation with the guru and the list goes on and on and on.

None of it wrong or badly intended but all of it feeling like a strongly worded should and adding to the already busy lives that we lead. 

We had felt that too. Desperately wanting to feel great. Desperately wanting to find the silver bullet to cure all. And if we’re honest, desperately wanting to create the impression that we had it all together.

We had forgotten that there’s no one size fits all approach to wellness, what someone else chooses to do doesn’t need to bears any relevance to what we choose to do.

We had forgotten that we need different things on different days to feel good.

We had forgotten that it’s normal to not feel 110% every single day.

We had forgotten that the things out there were options and not mandates.

We had forgotten that we really are our own experts.

We had forgotten that we got to choose.

When we really realized this, I mean reallyrealized, we noticed and felt some interesting shifts.

We noticed that we had a desire to do less, not more, and that when we did this life felt a lot simpler and less overwhelming.

We became more flexible with our wellbeing activities, no longer following strict rules and needing all the gadgets, but loosening our grip and allowing things to evolve naturally.

We noticed that we felt a lot less fear and worry about what we had to do and a lot more energy and enthusiasm for what we might like to do.

We became better at making intuitive decisions and not just when it came to wellness but when it came to all the other areas of our lives as well. Our ability to discern what was right for us increased and that lead to a lot less indecision and confusion.

We became less judgmental, both of others and of ourselves, truly being able to see that we are all doing the best we can with the thinking we have in that moment.

We felt better and not because we had found the silver bullet but because we had realized there was no silver bulletout there and that the real silver bullet, if there really is one, existed within.

This was the evidence, the inspiration, the ingredients we needed and we felt other people needed to stop the daily battle to be well. To stop living in fear that they weren’t doing enough. To stop the tough search out there and start the gentler search within.

Our lives have changed dramatically since then, in fact in many ways they are unrecognizable from what they were, and for that we will be forever grateful.

Be well, be you.