How to Embrace Competition in Your Workplace

Competition is inevitable in life, it just may take a few small cues to reframe it from a perceived threat to a positive


As a society that is so focused on competition, yet one that heavily embraces the importance of teamwork – we can feel ourselves being pulled in so many directions. Should self-achievement be applauded? Absolutely! And should teamwork be celebrated? Rightly so! You see the pull, but what’s the right answer?

How do we combine self-achievement, and celebration? Is it through cultivating an attitude that is accepting of the fact that our accomplishments are usually the results of a team effort? Could this then allow us to the space to naturally celebrate the success of others with more ease – as one.

This all sounds good, and easy... right? But how so we get to this place? We talk through the top tips to embrace competition (like a champ), in the workplace.


Ready to get your work priorities in order? Holding onto resentment within the workspace is not a strategy that’s ever going to work long term—or better still, should ever be considered a strategy at all! Opening up the space to remember that the person that sits alongside you(literallysits alongside you!) – and they are in no different of a position to you; succeeding is on their agenda also. Also allowing yourself to take note of the fact that we’re all on a different path, and at different stages in our careers – that promotion, or achievement may have come with the experience and skill level that you should embrace, and learn from.


On the topic of experience, and skill level – learn from the best, both your own experiences, and the others of those around you. Taking note of the successes (and failures) and those closest to you and what they have done to get to that place, is imperative to you adding even more to your skillset. By doing so, you are not only benefiting your own career, but through shared experience, you are also feeding back into the team environment. Next step? Go full circle, and allow the experience to trickle down – see what we did there?!


Get acquainted with… you. It’s great to take note of how others are doing things, but it’s also beneficial to not allow ourselves the distraction of how others go about it – sadly, not everyone is going to be on the team bandwagon.  Hone in on your skills, the skills that are going to benefit you as an equal, and the team as whole. Think of your own personal bests, and beat them! Think of it as a personal challenge.


Okay, so the word competition ain’t disappearing from the dictionary anytime soon… but, we can scroll a few pages back and look at the word challenge. Sure, this word could also mean competition to some – but not when we think of it on a more personal level. The challenge? It could be as simple as learning to better understand and cultivate a supportive attitude from within, and using this to celebrate the success of others. We’re not all perfect. But reframing your mindset, will make us a lot better.


The most rewarding thing we can do in a team environment, is collaborate.e. By understanding the shared goals of the business, it doesn’t mean we need to claw, scratch, and bite our way to the top. Along with our own personal journey, collaborating can be so beneficial to learning about our colleagues’ journey. The more we share, and the more we learn, the greater the outcome is for all.