3 incredible podcasts to inspire a healthier & happier life

Following the first edition of our podcast series (if you missed it and you're a leader, you'll want to check it out here), we are back (due to popular demand!) with more podcasts that will inspire you to live a life of everyday wellness.

Playlist 1: Inspire wellness in your workplace

In The Future of Work podcast, futurist Jacob Morgan explores what the future of the modern workplace holds for us all.

Check out this episode where you will hear AirBnB’s story of designing modern workplaces that reject the “cubicle prison” and create spaces that engage employees and contribute to the health and happiness of their staff.

Playlist 2: Bring your whole self to work

The listeners of The Unmistakable Creative podcast say: “If TED Talks met Oprah you’d have the Unmistakable Creative.” It shares stories and insights from world-leading thinkers and doers on the topics of purpose, meaning and success.

Check out this episode with talks to diversity thought leader and consultant Jennifer Brown about bringing our true selves to life and work.

Playlist 3: Master your habits

Gretchen Rubin has a divine podcast with her sister called Happier and it explores many different tangents along the path to be happier.

Check out the episodes which cover the 4 habit tendencies, here is the first and find out if you’re a Hermione or more obliging like me!

Also check out Gretchen’s try-this-at-home episodes where she offers up little projects and hacks we can all instantly have a go at on the journey to happiness.

With special thanks and gratitude to the podcast queen herself, Katie Wyatt for this handpicked podcast selection. Stay tuned, next week we'll have podcasts that will get you healthier and happier, all while on your commute!