9 Simple Steps to a Happy and Healthy Workforce

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Considering that your employees are your company’s biggest assets, their health and wellness should very much concern you.

Making sure that they are refreshed and stress free will not only make them feel better, but it will also create a motivated hard working team for you. Your employees will love and care about your company as well as give all of them when it comes to work.

Let’s get right to the point. Read through these insanely easy steps, and see how you can positively impact your employees health and welfare. 


#1 Getting Enough Sleep is Essential

Getting enough sleep is very important as it reflects on your mood, your appetite, your working abilities and also your health. That’s why sleep is crucial when it comes to your employee’s performance and productivity.


#2 Keep Optimal Energy Levels

Hydration and food is important when it comes to physical activities, especially at work. Make sure to plan your meals and snack ahead.

It doesn’t need to be anything complicated, keep it basic and simple - vitamins, slow burning carbs, proteins, healthy fats.


#3 Face to Face Meetings 

Instead of having online meetings, organize face-to-face meetings whenever possible. Interpersonal relations will improve and save on the energy used while talking to computers. This will also make everyone leave their desks, which is an instant exercise for their bodies.


#4 Stairs, Not Elevators

Most of people will choose the elevator over stairs, even though they are not so good for your heart. By using stairs for just ten minutes, you burn up to 500kJ, and that sounds pretty amazing!

Encourage your colleagues to participate in these fun walks as well.


#5 Cycling, Cycling

Bicycles are, apart from being a fun exercise, very helpful when it comes to your energy and physical readiness. You could also offer incentives for those who choose the cycling option. 


#6 Hygiene is Important, Keep Everything Spotless!

Subtle incentives are a great way to let your workers know that you support them to work out. Install washrooms and lockers at your office place, and keep them cleanand tidy at all times.


#7 Support Anti-Bullying Advocacy

Establish strict rules about anti-bullying advocacy, and make sure to establish an advocacy like this, if you haven’t already. Every worker should be familiar with it, and know that there will be severe consequences for those who break these rules.


#8 Arrange a Health Fair

Organize and invite nutritionists, health and fitness experts who can share lots of useful information to those who want tostart living a healthier life.

Some of the topics they can start with include; managing work-life balance, healthy eating on a budget, and better posture and movement among others.


#9 Family Gatherings For Everyone

It would be wonderful to have a family day event at your office. Each employee could bring a family member, whether children, parent, spouses,to meet the people they work with. This will help them bond and grow stronger as a team, which will surely reflect on their work. This will be a great way to encourage your employees to develop a better work-life balance.

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