How to Lead Your Own Up-Skilling Journey


As the world changes (sometimes at an alarmingly quick rate), even more skills can be expected to support our blossoming careers – these could be needed at a time when we are seeking job advancement, a bump in our salary, or even looking for a new job that requires more advanced skill.

We look into best courses and workshops from around the web – to help you on your own, unique upskilling journey. From learning more about team skills and leadership, to digital marketing and creative writing – these courses and workshops are a great way to achieve, whilst impressing ourselves, and our bosses – leading onto success for all. It’s a win-win!


Team Skills

Our emotions can have a great effect on the success within a team environment. This is where Emotional Intelligence comes into play. What is this exactly, and how can it help us work as a team? Simply put: “Emotional Intelligence is the quality that enables us to negotiate with patience, insight and temperance, the central problems in our relationships with others and with ourselves.”

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is regarded by many leaders as more important than IQ and can help us learn to understand and sympathise with ourselves and others better, as well as communicate our flaws to others in the most proactive way possible. It helps us to interpret the space that surrounds us, and help us gain greater confidence.

The School of Life, in both Sydney and Melbourne hold regular high intensity sessions on Emotional Intelligence, starting at $250. More information, and sessions here.


Leadership Skills

Can leadership be learned? Most leaders would agree that it can be, but it is absolutely a skill-set that needs to be worked at and refined over time. 83% of organisations say it is important to develop leaders at all levels – simply put, no matter what your role is, learning leadership skills will help you advance, and also benefit the team around you.

Mentoring from someone that has the know-how, might just be the spark you need to ignite your inner leader. Through learning more about creative thinking, courageously communicating and succeeding in your most authentic manner – advice from a one-on-one mentor could be what you need.

Wellineux offers Executive Coaching & Career Development programmes, tailored especially to you. Start with a complimentary 15-min consultation here.


Digital Marketing Skills

When was the last time you refreshed your digital marketing skills? The world of social media is forever shifting, and growing – it won’t stop, and change is inevitable. This is why it’s great to keep up to date.

From learning about how to get the best results for your content, to new features that might be right for your company, there are plenty of resources – you just need to dive in and explore!

Subscribing to the Social Media Examiner’s mailers will get you concise information straight to your inbox. Or, if you don’t have the time to read, how about Buffer’s weekly podcast – they’re short, snappy, and full of the latest need-to-know information. Wanting a more immersive experience? General Assembly offer part-time courses in Digital Marketing, starting at $750.


Goal Setting Skills

No matter where we are in our career, goals form an important aspect of achievement, they help set the journey toward greater good – to have something to strive toward, and look forward to. Once we’ve achieved certain goals, they remain a powerful way of reminding us of what are capable of.

Wherever we find ourselves in our career, sometimes we might need a ‘goal refresher’ – a gentle nudge to get us back on track. This could be through some guidance to help us look toward large life intentions, and strategic goals for the future, or even some help realigning our everyday actions with our core goals.

Wellineux’s Journey of Me Wellness Journey (JOM) is designed create a practical plan for realising your own version of you, across all eight dimensions of your wellbeing. Available online for $35.


Web Development Skills

Ready to dive right into the world wide web? Expanding our knowledge on a field such as Web Development is promising. The world is only getting more tech-savvy, and adding this to your skillset could be of benefit for the future.

This could be as simple as taking an online course in web design, coding, user design, or data analytics. Or, if you want to go full steam ahead, a full-time course immersing yourself in all aspects of web development.

General Assembly offer a range of courses, from a free online course in coding, to part-time courses across all aspects of Web Development.


Learning Balance

Sometimes our work + life balance can feel off. Ever left the office later than you would have hoped, or returned home with a multitude of chores waiting at the door? We’ve all been there.

Teamwork, family, and life admin are important, but so is taking the time for yourself. As the saying goes – “remember to fill your own cup, because you can't pour from an empty cup" – this is where refreshing, and replenishing comes in. In a lot of ways, it’s a very unique way of upskilling, and is the best way to treat yourself, and those around you to the best version of YOU.

Book in now to Wellineux’s Urban Retreat – it's a chance to tap into your inner bliss, with yoga, creativity workshops, mindfulness techniques, nourishing food, and more!



Ever wanted to channel your inner creative? It’s there, and it’s waiting for you (with open arms... and photoshop)! Everyone has a creative bone in their body, sometimes all you need are the right tools, and the know-how to be able to utilise them.

Being knowledgeable in design can support us in many ways. Whether it is to learn the basics to do a quick design job, have a more confident eye on design trends, or to dive right into the deep end and learn the full set of skills required to jump into a design job.

Adobe is the great place to start for free tutorials of many of its signature design products, such as Photoshop. Udemy also hosts lectures, and guides for a nominal fee, across a range of Graphic Design subjects.


Creative Writing

Creative writing could benefit you in more ways than you think. Other than being able to write compelling copy, and great pitches – creative writing encourages self-expression, self-confidence, as well as communication and persuasion skills.

Creative writing as a skill can translate well in many career situations. It can give us the permission to be better at problem-solving, and lends us the ability analyse different writing styles across different projects.

For around $240, Masterclass hosts one of the best online courses for Creative Writing, alongside Udemy which offers free and low-cost classes across a range of different courses


Public Speaking

Public speaking may not come natural to all… and you’re not alone, because 3 out of 4 of us suffer from speech anxiety – that’s 75% of the population! But, with the right about of practice, and patience – you’ll gain the confidence you need to be able to speak fluidly, and with ease.

Whether you’re seeking the confidence needed to stand up in front of a room of colleagues, or pitch to a new client, learning more about public speaking, and how to become a creative storyteller, can help us in so many ways. Some benefits include being able to readily overcome fear, gaining valuable connections, and importantly – helping inspire those around us.

Skill Share offers a range of completely free online courses on Public Speaking