The 2019 Guide to A Happier and Healthier Workplace


As we return from our summer breaks  – we have hopefully had time to reminisce on all of the successes last year brought us. This may have also have been a great time to reflect on what ways we can develop more so professionally; to foster more focus, positivity and overall happiness in our workplace. .

It is estimated that 59% of employees feelunsatisfied, physically depleted, emotionally drained, or mentally distracted – with an estimated $10.9 billion per year cost to Australian workplaces.

So how do we make our workplace happier, and healthier in 2019? No matter our career-level, we should all be striving for environments that succeed in promote meaning and purposeful – to be able to live, and work at peak performance.



Stop, and have a think: when was the last moment you allowed yourself to refill your bucket with energy and inspiration, in order to live life as the most refreshed, and empowered version of yourself?

"An empty lantern provides no light. Self-care is the fuel that allows your light to shine brightly" allowing ourselves the time needed to refuel, refresh, and replenish is pertinent to keeping the flame ignited across the year. And in doing so, we’ll feel even more resilient, better prepared to take on new opportunities, and thrive in the process. 

Think of it this way: If we can check off deadlines, make meetings on time, and readily work overtime – we can most definitely allow ourselves the opportunity to check in with our wellbeing, make a date for ourself, and spend time looking after number one. 

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Putting the pen to paper takes us back to our childhood, and teenage years – those fond memories where we’d keep track of thoughts, and importantly – have the ability to reflect on them in the days, months and years to come (and sometimes giggle at them).

For us, journaling is a tried and tested way to keep wellness at the forefront of not only our personal lives, but as a expert guide in progressing in our professional career. Journalling boosts emotions, motivation, and perceptions during our day-to-day – and can be considered as a tool to make meaningful progress in our work. Importantly, it allows us hindsight, and foresight all in one – and at the time of writing, the present moment.

Think of it this way: the more frequently we experience a sense of progress, the more likely we are to be creatively productive in the long run.

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‘Let’s’ is not only a word, but a powerful statement – and it becomes even more powerful when we think about two people using this word, together. These are what we like to think of as positively affirmative words.

Combined with the desire to become a better leader, or colleague – positively affirmative words can add so much meaning to our day-to-day – helping to boost our self-confidence, and elevate our own personal brand messaging.

Think of intertwining words such as, ‘We’, ‘Can’, ‘Together’, and ‘Believe’ into your day-to-day – and feel a sense of power, possibility, and positivity reign strong! If you’re needing even more of a boost, or ideas on how to encourage your best self during your day-to-day – it’s these very tips that one-on-one mentoring can provide, and enlighten us with.

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