Corporate Refresh: The case for shifting from a 9-5 workforce, in favour of thriving workplace


Why fostering a flexible working environment will benefit both your workers and your business.

Nine to five is on its way out! More and more bosses are embracing the benefits of a flexible work environment, and restructuring their businesses to fit an ever evolving world.

We are going to run through the benefits of flexible working for your workforce, finding out what a holistic flexible environment looks like, and signposting a few hurdles to watch out for along the way.

The Team Benefits

Each of your talented team members is a unique individual, with a variety of strengths, areas for improvement and differing needs, that you as a manager have to nurture. Providing a flexible environment is the most effective way of meeting these needs, unlocking your team’s potential and maximising the output of your business.

The benefits of happier team members on your business:

  • Less Stressed - a positive and energetic atmosphere at work that rubs off on everyone leading to better productivity.

  • More willing to go the extra mile - a little flexibility on the quieter days will be repaid in full when you require a few extra hours on the busier ones.

  • Reduced turnover - aiding continuity and marking your company out as a desirable place to work, leading to better quality candidates come hiring season!

  • More Creative - a more relaxed and refreshed mind holds far more creative potential.

The real magic of flexible working is that when done right, your team will truly begin to take ownership of the work they produce.

For flexibility to work, you have to learn to let go and trust your team members. This in turn enables them to build confidence and skill set from working autonomously and problem solving. Leaving you more time to focus on executing the business’ strategy.

What Does Flexible Really Look Like?

To see the benefits of flexible working on your business, you have to be prepared to fully commit. Remember earlier we talked about the individuality of employees and their different needs? Well this means really listening to these needs and where possible accommodating them.