What professional vulnerability really means


One of the top five most viewed Ted Talks of all time is Dr Brené Brown’s discussion on the power of vulnerability, which nine years ago challenged traditional corporate cultures and leadership models.  Fast forward to the present and vulnerability is now starting to be an attractive and highly sought-after attribute within category leading companies across the globe.  So, is there still a line between our professional and personal lives? 

The simple answer is yes - allowing yourself to be vulnerable at work doesn’t mean you have to share every deep detail, experience, or feeling with your colleagues.  And just like in our personal lives, there is such a thing as oversharing.  

So, to feel confident in allowing yourself to be vulnerable in your working life, simply ask yourself this one question – Is what I am thinking of sharing helpful to not just myself, but to others?

We know it’s no easy task to allow yourself to be vulnerable and un-do what you may have been taught most of your professional life.  However, as you start to be authentically vulnerable in your profession, you’ll elevate those around you, while your relationships naturally develop.

Research continues to prove the benefits of professional vulnerability are therefore not just personal, but shared, cultivating peak performance across your entire team through:

  • Deeper connections 

  • Increased confidence

  • Innovation

  • Improving workplace environment

At Wellineux, we’re dedicated to igniting wellbeing in you and your organisation to ensure you thrive.  As vulnerability is just one piece of the puzzle, to provide you with greater support we have created an Executive Mentoring Program and Mindful Leadership Program.